Tuesday, September 30, 2008

: Fabulous Finds at Forever 21

Floral Paisley Top $10.50

Description: Sleeveless satin shift collar top with elaborate bright colorful floral paisley prints all over, wide bodice with a band hem and three polished buttons with a lacquered finish. Back zipper closure.
Amber Draped Knit Top $9.50

I just love this top over at Forever 21. It looks so comfy and can really hide my bulging waist plus it is affordable. This Knit is is available in many colors but I chose this brown one.  More Fabulous Finds are here .

: SALE at Topshop

Psssst. Stop and Look. TOPSHOP is having a sale on selected items right now and if you love their styles, head over and grab some. Just to let you know they are now shipping to US, Australia and other countries and now accepts PAYPAL as payments so you can enjoy shopping online at their online store. 

: Signature Bags Sale !

Hey bag lovers out there, if you are itching to buy another bag that is affordable then head over at New York & Co. online store bec. they are having a Signature Bags Sale which is low as$9.00, good deal isn't it? I remember buying bags almost monthly when I was younger but the bags only end up hanging in my room, good thing is that they are not branded and expensive ones.

: SalePendants at ETSY !!

There are lots of sale items right now at ESTY and i found this nice Little Bird--Vintage Tear Drop Pendant--, if you want this you can get this for $8.00 

BLUE BLOSSOM Authentic Shipwreck Ocean Pottery Altered Pendant - $8.00

Tree of Life - Mahogany Maple Wood Pendant - FREE Silicone Rubber Necklace

And Mapple Designs is having a GRAND OPENING SALE  so the best deal is that if you buy 2 get 1 for FREE - 

Monday, September 22, 2008

Gymboree Sale, Sale!

Hey there mommies out there, the famous Gymboree online store is having huge sale since last week and this is the perfect time to snag cute shirts, dresses and more for your kids. Christmas is coming and it is never too early to plan and buy stuff to avoid rush and of course to get more deals. 

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Hey there shopacholics and bargain hunters, I know you have been meaning to shop esp. if there is a sale. Here are 2 shops that I found today that is having a sale, actually there are tons of onlne shops having an end of season sale.

Anyway, head over at Tobi's as they have 50% off on designer jeans

Shop Bop meanwhile has 50% off on jeans, dress, shoes and accessories. Hurry it's their end of summer sale at ShopBop

Monday, September 15, 2008

I Miss Shopping

Hmmm when was the last time I've been to the mall and shop, I am guessing that it was about a month ago. I am crazy I know bec. I am saving my money bec. I have a project that I will buy on my b-day and do want to know what it is? I want a Canon 18-200 mm IS lens and it costs so much that I need to tighten up my belt for that. I am crossing my fingers that I can buy that as a b-day gift for myself for the hard work that I am doing.







Geezz I need a break and I need to shop. Really seriously.!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sale at Old Navy!

Holy Moly Don't you just love clearance or out of the season sale?? OLD NAVY is having a massive 50% off from camis, shirts, long sleeves, shoes, bags and lots more and you can buy as low as $3.99 up. That's a lot  of savings. If only international shipping here is not  that expensive I can hoard lots of nice tees there. I have relatives in the US but I don;t want to bother them to pack and ship the items here. Oh well, if you love Old Navy then what are you waiting for fill your shopping carts now!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Christmas is fast approaching now and of course Christmas is for kids and young at heart and with that we are always on the hunt for toys for kids. You know I don't want giving toy guns to kids as it gives no special value in them. Educational toys or clothes are preferred by me as they can be used over and over again and educ .

toys can stimulate their minds as well.















Oh btw i saw a site that shares toy shopping tips read it HERE.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Big Weekend Sale at JC Penney!

Yes your read it right JC Penney is having a sale right now, you love that don't you? So head over at their store and fill you shopping carts before it lasts only till Sept. 30. There are many shoppers who only shop for designer clothes and this is their chance to get hold of them. Just remember don't hoard too much of stuff and too much overspend. hehe