Thursday, October 30, 2008

Banana Peel Flip Flop

I bought a Banana Peel flipflop last Sunday when I went out shopping with my niece at SM just near our place. Although it is not that expensive like Havainas, just preferred that bec. it is also comfortable to wear aside from being so affordable. I bought mine at P189.00 only but at their online store.( there are sale only for p100 or even just P70.00. I have used Banana Peel before for my everyday wear and it is actually durable even it is cheap. Their designs are not far from other flipflop makers anyway.

Office Chairs at its Best

When it comes to shopping for furniture at home or for the office people tend to think 1st about the price if it will suit their budgets. Some even insists on just buying a cheap one just to buy but when you come to think of it, when you purchase a cheaper one but the item is not durable, you still didn’t save bec. you’ll end up buying another one. I have learned that, when you buy a piece of furniture make into consideration the quality and its durability even though it is priced a bit higher.

Try noticing companies and offices, at all times they have leather office chairs for their executives, employees and even for their clients. Leather has always been a top choice as it emanates professionalism and class especially in the corporate world. More productivity among employees will exude bec. they are comfortable working. I’d definitely like to change my office chair as it gives me back ache when I work here in my office. With my desire to do that I just saw these contemporary office chairs that any office should have. There are different types that anyone can particularly choose depending on your needs. Ergonomic, soft leather, black mesh made of Italian leather, top grain, swivel type, the choice is yours. All these can be purchased at Ethan Paul Office, for more info and for other product specifications don’t hesitate to browse their online catalog or call them.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Victoria Secret's Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra

Victoria Secret came up with this jaw dropping bra again this year. Jeweler Martin Katz made this stunning and very expensive charm that valued $5 million. When I saw it in the news last night, I can’t help but to be in shock on how expensive and valuable it is. Just imagine the bra is embedded with 3,575 black diamonds, 117 certified 1 carat white round diamonds and 34 rubies.

What makes it more dazzling is that there are 2 Black Diamond drops in the center which is 100 carats. This year it is named as Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle. Supermodel Adriana Lima was fortunate enough to wear and model it for Victoria Secret.

I Finally Went Out Shopping!

After months of not shopping bec. I was saving for something this Nov., I finally decided to go to the mall and splurge a bit. After lunch, my niece and I went to SM mall just near our place. We first stopped at the Optomertrist Shop and I looked for new glasses. I might come back some other day for my check up and hopefully get the much awaited glasss that I really need for my eyes. I hope this time the specs will be so perfect for my eyes and I can use the glasses w/o me ranting how bad it was just like my old pair.

The main purpose why we went ot SM is to buy a new bag for myself, I don't need a leather bag but just a cloth type bag that I can use everyday. I was able to buy an everyday bag from Cose that I can use here when I go here at my shop. It was actually same as my niece bec. it has lots of pockets and is wide inside. I also bought a flip flops just a banana peel brand, I don't care if it is not a Havainas or whatever expensive brand there is.

We also passed by the watch section where I drool over at Guess, DKNY, Fossil and other brands. My eyes are really popping out seeing all the displays that I am seeing. My niece also wanted to buy an eyeliner so we had a free testing on Maybelline and Revlon's samples. We also bought some papers and offcie supplies at National bookstore.

After strolling around the mall, we ate at the food court just rice and some topping. After that we buy some groceries at the Hypermart and I almost got dizzy with their dispalys. It was nice to shop again after a while and I hope I can do that again. We call it a night after 9 pm. Weeeeh that is a long shopping hours.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rhianna & Chris Brown Concert in the Phils.

Rhianna & Chris Brown's fans rejoice for they are having a back to back one night concert here in the Phils. Mark your calendars now for this is going to be a hot and entertaining one. It will be on Nov. 16. 2008 (aww my b-day), 8:00 pm at the Bonifacio Global City Open Field. I am sure their tickets will be selling like hotcakes! This concert is brought to us by MTV and Globe. get your ticket now at ticketnet.
Ticket Prices:
Ticket pricing until October 31 (half the Price)
PLATINUM PhP 8240.00
GOLD PhP 3090.00
SILVER PhP 1545.00

Ticket pricing from November 1 to November 16
PLATINUM PhP 10300.00
GOLD PhP 5150.00
SILVER PhP 3090.00
BRONZE Php 618.00

Easy Online Payday Loans

You over shopped, you had an emergency bec. your kid is in the hospital, bills are filling up, your mom is asking or borrowing money from you and you can’t say no. At one point those things will happen to us unnecessarily and isn’t it scary when that happen when you have no savings or money in your pocket. Oh boy, I hope that will not happen to me soon but a friend of mine who doesn’t really have a choice had to apply for an easy online payday loans . It made her financial difficulties a bit better at that time. Some will never really advice you to get one but what the heck when you have no one to turn to for sure you’ll give in. Right?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Eco- Friendly Bags

Where to buy? Here
Where to buy? Here

With the global warming that world is experiencing now, each one of us need to do our part. Even small things can make a difference. There are many individuals who plant trees, using of recyclable products, eliminating plastics when they do the grocery and many more. Here are just some of the eco-friendly bags that we can purchase. When we buy them they will donate $25 from each sale to global warming charities and another $10 to American Forests to plant ten trees to help reduce carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Wow this is a very good advocacy that they are doing, we can help in our own little way.

Cebu Pacific's P500 Seat Sale

Holy Cow! Look at this deal! I just heard this from Suzanne who prompt us with this great deal from Cebu Pacific. P500 for Domestic Flight and International Flight are also for P500++ (add P200-upon booking when you have a check-in bagage). There are more than 500,000 seats available for passengers. So travel afficionados you still have time to book your flight and avail of this P500 seat sale. Ahhh I wish I can travel right away. For sure tickets will sell like hotcakes!!! Hurry
Sale Period: Oct. 22- Oct. 27, 2008
Travel Period: January 5- March 18, 2009 For more info check out Cebu Pacific.

I Missed the Shopping Fun!

Last weekend, I posted here about the massive 3-day sale at SM and Robinson’s malls and this is much awaited by many shoppers like me. As much as I wanted to go, be with other shoppers and buy the latest clothes on the racks, I decided just to stay put here at my net café. It’s only this year that I wasn’t able to shop like crazy bec. I am saving to buy canon camera lens next month. I just heard from my friends that the sale was really huge from 50-70% off the regular price. Of course they shopped to death and they are even joking that they’ll need to apply for a cash if they did not stop hoarding things that they want to buy.

It is only once a year that these 2 big malls have a huge sale and bargain hunters are always on the go to get a discount. Poor me, I wasn’t able to get some good buys but oh well at lease I didn’t impulse buy like what I’m always end up.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Steal Vanessa Anne Hudgens' Style

Vannessa (Half-Pinay) became popular when she joined High School Musical. Don't you just love her? I know many loved how the way she dressed up, in fact, teens would try to imitate her fashion sense. Why not? Her stlyle is sweet and sexy. Steal Vanessa Anne Hudgens' Style by finding for items that look like the one in the picture. It doesn't necesarily be expensive though. To guide you, just click the image to know where you can purchase each item.

I Need A Wardrobe Make-Over

I was looking for clothes to wear for today and I was disgusted bec. I can't find a decent one to wear for the day. Poor me, I have gain weight a bit and some of my pants and mostly of my shirts and blouses don't fit me anymore. I have new pair of Lee skinny jeans that I bought only last Dec. and brought that when I went to Australia but I can't wear it anymore.

Gosh my waist line really ballooned in the last month. I need to have new jeans and everyday pants, lots of everyday shirts and blouses. Where else can I found lots of affordable everyday clothes? None other than in Divisoria!! I am asking my niece to accompany me there until she is on sem. break. I hope I can get many pcs. as my clothes sucks already! Can't wait to shop!!

GAP Vote Buttons

Was surfing GAP and I was attracted with the song that they are playing in their site right now. You can vote for freedom, shopping, laughter, or whatever. There is even a customizable t-shirt that you can buy at their store.

But those cute flair buttons are free for you to add on your Face book account. Collect your GAP Vote buttons and show them off today. I don't have a Facebook acct. so i'm just sharing them here so those with accts. can avail of them.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Old Navy's End of Season Sale

Oh my gosh, I am sure my co-Bebots will be thrilled to know this or probably they have shopped again for this Old Navy's End of Season Sale . Old Navy is really slashing off their prices and who will not be encouraged to shop when there is a 60% off on their quality products. I guess a lot of you have shopped (not me unfortunately) the last time they had a massive sale. This time their sale is for online shopping only. So what are you waiting for, fill your carts now before the supply lasts.

Gucci 'D Gold' Large Hobo Handbag in my Mind

Sometimes it is just better to "window shop" bec. it is where I got contented and can get hold of those designers bag hehe. I can't actually afford to buy this beautiful sand-and-ebony fabric Gucci 'D Gold' Large Hobo Handbag and even if I can afford one, I am still having second thoughts of putting my money on a bag that is so expensive. Ok call me cheap but at least I am practical. I will just have that Gucci bag on my mind and owning an authentic piece of designer bag will always be part of my dreams.

For those that can afford one like this they will not have a second thought of buying one and this bag have the signature Gucci monogram pattern.

SALE: David & Goliath tees & more!

Are you already starting your Christmas list? I intend to do that when Nov. comes because I have actually many items that would be on my list to buy. Of course the 1st on my list are mine hehehe. Not being so selfish but I need to bec. I work so hard and I also need to reward myself.

Anyway, here is my SALE ALERT! once again and actually this is the perfect time to buy items on sale bec. you can save and can buy lots for many people eh. David and Goliath online clothing store is having a clearance sale from caps, socks and teeshirts. And this shirt for juniors reg. priced is at $29.95 and now it is only $7.95. What a big saving eh?

I know you will say it is out of the season now but the tip is that you should buy one size bigger so you can still wear it on the next season. Makes sense? Anway, where to buy David and Goliath t-shirts, check it out here.

Rafe Totengco Rafe New York Bag

Hey bag-aholics, it's time to consider buying this Rafe Totengco Rafe New York Bag Bronze Snakeskin bag that I just found over at Blue Fly. The bag has allic snakeskin with brushed gold tone hardware. Just love this kinda of bag bec. it is not too small to carry all the stuff that I am bring.

Strut down the mall or party and for sure your bag will be noticed. Oh by the way, just in case you didn't know Rafe Totengco is a Pinoy bag designer whose bags were carried by many celebrities in Hollywood already. This bag costs $695.00 but it was on sale for $374.99 at

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sarah Palin Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around dthe corner and I guess everyone is preparing for that occasion. There have been many halloween costumes over the past years and I think they are all the same not until Sarap Palin came into the picure. There's no doubt that Sarah Palin is the hot talk all over the world. She's been the talk of the town and of course joke of the town. She has been imitated by many and I guess she gained more popularity over these. I am sure she is loving all the attention that she is getting and some enterprising individuals are even making items out of her name.

This coming Halloween, I guess one of the blockbuster attire that will show up in the parties and contest well of course is the Sarah Palin Halloween Costumes. Why not? She is very easy to copy and you can even buy them at Amazon. You can buy wigs, eyeglass, mask to complete your attire. Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Diamond Encrusted iPod

Take a look at this, how I wish I have this iPod in my possession and for sure I'll be the envy of all..hehehe Fashion has taken over technology as well as you can see in this one of a kind and unique piece of gadget that not all can have. This is definitely a precious investment that anyone can have as diamonds are forever and precious stones.

This iPod is clad with 430 diamonds while the earplugs are made of solid 18 karat white and pink gold. And just to let you know this Diamond Encrusted iPod is the world's most expensive MP3 player to date. It was actually auctioned and the proceeds went to charity.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

: Midnight Sale at Robinsons !!

I remember few years back, i made it a point to go at Robinson's Midnight sale in Galleria for they really have a sale. Actually this is a mall wide sale from 10am till midnight thus called Midnight Sale and you could see a lot of shoppers putting lots of stuff on their carts.

I love goin to their women section where you can find 50% off from blouses, pants, t-shirts and many more. It's baad when you to this Midnight sale w/o much money in your pocket bec. you will really be tempted to buy bec. many stores put their old stocks on sale from 50% to 70%. I remember buying my sisters office jackets where the orig price is P1,500 and I only got it for P600, good deal eh? You only need to be patient because teh cashiers are packed.

Just a tip DON'T BRING KIDS if you can esp. babies bec. there are really lots of people and itis very inconvinient when you have kids that are whining and crying and who just want to get home while you wanted to still shop. If you can leave them at home with someone.

Yay, i hope I can shop there this Friday. Oh BTW the MIDNIGHT SALE is on Friday. OCT. 17 10 am- 12 midnight and regular shopping hours on Oct 18-19 it is still on sale.

Monday, October 13, 2008

: SM 3-day sale !!! :

Hiya shoppers SM is having yet another 3-day sale this month and this is actually much awaited by shoppers like me and you. I remember yearly I've been goin there to buy different stuff from different stores inside SM. For sure there will be lots of discounts on items but check the items for possible damage. I just love the shopping rush when you are inside the mall, sometimes you can impulse buy on things that you really don't need. Buy only those that you can use and not bec. it is on sale!

SM 3-day sale!!! SM Megamall, Marilao and Bacoor will be on OCT 17-19, 2008 from 10 am - 10 pm. Expect heavy traffic and beware of pickpockets lol!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

: Win a Free Handbag !

Hey ladies, if you love bags (like me) here is our chance to win a trendy designer inspired handbags bec.Handbag Planet is giving away them! Here are just some of the bags that we can take home when the site launches on Oct. 15. Who knows we might win eh.

: ANG PINAKA: Easy Ways to Be Sosyal!

As usual I make it a point to watch one of my my fave show every Sunday at 6pm over at QTV 11 and it is the ANG PINAKA hosted by Rovilson Fernandez.

This week their countdown is about 10 East Ways to be Sosyal (or be in the elite crowd):
10. Memorize the names or faces of the "sosyal" set
9. Spend the weekend at sosyal getaways
8. Sponsor a favorite charity or champion an advocacy
7. Get involved into extreme and expensice sports
6. Befriend the fashion designers
5. Attend all social events
4. Know your English
3. Know the latest trends
2. Buy the branded
1. Chill "in" the hot spots, bars and hangouts
So guys if you want to be "SOSYAL" follow their guidelines and who knows in no time you'll be in the elite crowd of the Phils. rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. But remember being sosyal is not everything!

Monday, October 6, 2008

:Plush Toys from Anne Geddes

So I was browsing the net today while searching for some cute gifts for kids this Christmas when i stumbled upon Anne Geddes' website and I can't help not to see all her collections. Who will not remember Anne Geddes? I always see her cute babies items on bookstore and other specialty shops with those lovable and pinchable babies as her models.
fairy plush toy ($29.50)

Anyway, I'd like to share some cute some that I found there, these plush toys are so cute to ignore.. I am thinking these are perfect gifts for toddlers this Christmas or whatever occasion there is. Aren't they cute??? There are lots of gift ideas on her website if you are looking for some.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

:Clearance Sale at Neiman Marcus

If you love quality designers clothes, shoes, accesories and more, this is your chance to grab the last CLEARANCE SALE from Neiman Marcus. This is your last chance to grab the sale shoes, tops, jackets, dresses , jewerly and lots more. Take a look at these nice shoes they are on sale from $600+ slashed to 200+. Sometimes buying quality shoes will last longer than those cheap ones.