Thursday, October 30, 2008

Banana Peel Flip Flop

I bought a Banana Peel flipflop last Sunday when I went out shopping with my niece at SM just near our place. Although it is not that expensive like Havainas, just preferred that bec. it is also comfortable to wear aside from being so affordable. I bought mine at P189.00 only but at their online store.( there are sale only for p100 or even just P70.00. I have used Banana Peel before for my everyday wear and it is actually durable even it is cheap. Their designs are not far from other flipflop makers anyway.


  1. ay oo panalo ito sa mga mahihilig mangolekta ng flipflops. :)

  2. I have that one too! Fond din ako sa Banana Peel, I in fact ordered worth Php1,500 3 months ago {} kasi free shipping hehe!

  3. @Thea oo nga mura at durable naman.. kumbaga swak sa budget

    @Mitch talaga you ordered online pa ah. dami sa SM nito ah sabagay sale sila online