Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Missed the Shopping Fun!

Last weekend, I posted here about the massive 3-day sale at SM and Robinson’s malls and this is much awaited by many shoppers like me. As much as I wanted to go, be with other shoppers and buy the latest clothes on the racks, I decided just to stay put here at my net café. It’s only this year that I wasn’t able to shop like crazy bec. I am saving to buy canon camera lens next month. I just heard from my friends that the sale was really huge from 50-70% off the regular price. Of course they shopped to death and they are even joking that they’ll need to apply for a cash if they did not stop hoarding things that they want to buy.

It is only once a year that these 2 big malls have a huge sale and bargain hunters are always on the go to get a discount. Poor me, I wasn’t able to get some good buys but oh well at lease I didn’t impulse buy like what I’m always end up.

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