Friday, October 24, 2008

I Need A Wardrobe Make-Over

I was looking for clothes to wear for today and I was disgusted bec. I can't find a decent one to wear for the day. Poor me, I have gain weight a bit and some of my pants and mostly of my shirts and blouses don't fit me anymore. I have new pair of Lee skinny jeans that I bought only last Dec. and brought that when I went to Australia but I can't wear it anymore.

Gosh my waist line really ballooned in the last month. I need to have new jeans and everyday pants, lots of everyday shirts and blouses. Where else can I found lots of affordable everyday clothes? None other than in Divisoria!! I am asking my niece to accompany me there until she is on sem. break. I hope I can get many pcs. as my clothes sucks already! Can't wait to shop!!

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