Tuesday, October 14, 2008

: Midnight Sale at Robinsons !!

I remember few years back, i made it a point to go at Robinson's Midnight sale in Galleria for they really have a sale. Actually this is a mall wide sale from 10am till midnight thus called Midnight Sale and you could see a lot of shoppers putting lots of stuff on their carts.

I love goin to their women section where you can find 50% off from blouses, pants, t-shirts and many more. It's baad when you to this Midnight sale w/o much money in your pocket bec. you will really be tempted to buy bec. many stores put their old stocks on sale from 50% to 70%. I remember buying my sisters office jackets where the orig price is P1,500 and I only got it for P600, good deal eh? You only need to be patient because teh cashiers are packed.

Just a tip DON'T BRING KIDS if you can esp. babies bec. there are really lots of people and itis very inconvinient when you have kids that are whining and crying and who just want to get home while you wanted to still shop. If you can leave them at home with someone.

Yay, i hope I can shop there this Friday. Oh BTW the MIDNIGHT SALE is on Friday. OCT. 17 10 am- 12 midnight and regular shopping hours on Oct 18-19 it is still on sale.

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