Thursday, October 23, 2008

SALE: David & Goliath tees & more!

Are you already starting your Christmas list? I intend to do that when Nov. comes because I have actually many items that would be on my list to buy. Of course the 1st on my list are mine hehehe. Not being so selfish but I need to bec. I work so hard and I also need to reward myself.

Anyway, here is my SALE ALERT! once again and actually this is the perfect time to buy items on sale bec. you can save and can buy lots for many people eh. David and Goliath online clothing store is having a clearance sale from caps, socks and teeshirts. And this shirt for juniors reg. priced is at $29.95 and now it is only $7.95. What a big saving eh?

I know you will say it is out of the season now but the tip is that you should buy one size bigger so you can still wear it on the next season. Makes sense? Anway, where to buy David and Goliath t-shirts, check it out here.

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