Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday Death at Wal Mart

I had a lot of relatives and couple of friends in the US, who celebrated Thanksgiving and shopped at to get great deals and discounts. It is their yearly routine and they really save for this big shopping day. And who would not go out and shop when you can buy HP laptops as low as $400 and other products are being slashed off their prices.

I was reading news and stories over today at CNN and their Special Report about "Black Friday turns tragic for Wal-Mart" It was so sad to know that a Wal Mart employee named Jdimytai Damour, died when he was knocked down by hundreds of rushing early shoppers of Black Friday Shopping. Imagine tumbled down my mad hungry shoppers? Yay that is so scary.!

I also saw some Black Friday Stampede videos over at You Tube and sometimes getting a great discount over a product is not worth it when you get hurt.

Read more of the Black Friday Death at Wal Mart at CNN

Charice Pempengco Performs at Macy's Thanksgiving Parade 2008

There's no doubt that our very own Charice Pempengco is really going places, making waves in the US again after her much publicized performance at Celine Dion's concert. Now she was invited to sing at the US's Thanksgiving Parade 2008 on board Macy's float. I am sure every Filipino who wactched the Thanksgiving Parade in the US are also very proud of her.

If you also remember she appeared Oprah Winfrey show few months ago and sung with Celine Dion on her concert. Such great achievements for a little Pinay who wished to sing with her idol and now her dreams came through. I hope she can sing with Mariah Carey in the future. Here's
Charice Pempengco at Macy's Thanksgiving Parade 2008 that i found in You Tube.

Large selection of Jonas Brothers Stuff

The award winning American Teen Band, Jonas Brothers (Kevin, Joe, and Nick) has captured the hearts of teenagers or teenage alike all over the world. With their popular hit songs and good looks, there’s no wonder why not all be mesmerized with them. Gosh I can just imagine teenagers screaming when they see them perform.

Like any other famous boy bands or celebrities, enterprising individuals will make items for their fans to buy as souvenirs or keep sakes. Ahhh I remember my teenage days when I also collect magazine clippings and posters of my favorite boy band.

Anyway, if you are Jonas Brothers’ fans for sure you’ll be itching to buy one of the products with their photos in it. I just have to share this site that I found scoured over the net and they have the Large selection of Jonas Brothers Stuff that you can ever imagine. Perfect as gifts this holidays or for birthdays or just a surprise gift to a Jonas Brothers’ fan. Believe me, I know any fan will be jumping for joy when they got any of these “For Camp Rock Fans - Jonas Brothers " stuff. They will be selling like hotcakes this season I reckon. Just some of the Jonas Brothers branded merchandise that you can find at the store are bags, t-shirts, buttons, magnets, totes, posters, pillows, mousepads, and clocks just to name a few.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The 3 Biggest Stylish Coat Trends

Have you seen the jacket that actress/host Mariel Rodriquez wore during her guesting at Sharon, i think 2 weeks ago? She is wearing a black leather jacket (like what Vanessa Hudgen is wearing on the photo) over a dress and I know that is the new trend again in the fashion world. Mariel is known to be a fashionista herself.

Anyway, The 3 Biggest Stylish Coat Trends in the US are cropped leather jackets, exaggerated silhouettes, and bold colors.In this photos, L-R: Rhianna is wearing a blue jacket, Vanessa Hudgens' Catherine Malandrino leather jacket costs a cool $895 and Kim Raver's black cashmere coat by Ralph Lauren that costs (brace yourself) $2,998!! Wow.Images

GQ's Men of the Year 2008

Was watching the news on TV last week when I overheard this story. GQ has announced their GQ's Men of the Year 2008. Haha was surprised to see my favorite chef, Gordon Ramsey on their list, he is a loudmouth and many hate him but learned to love him through his cooking shows.

Just some of the winners:Here:

Game Changer: Barack Obama
Champions of the Year:
Leading Man:
Leonardo DiCaprio
Designer of the year:
Thom Browne
Golden Boy:
Michael Phelps
Mad Genius of the Year:
John Malkovich
Obsession of the Year:
Megan Fox
Drama Queen of the Year:
Sean Penn
Screen Idol of the Year:
James Franco
Tough Guys of the Year:
The Wire
Writers Mogul of the Year:
Seth MACFarlane
Prick of the Year:
Gordon Ramsay

Busiest Months

Yay, Christmas is coming, 29 more days to be exact and I have not yet started my shopping. I earlier planned on going to Divisoria yesterday or today but I am still waiting for my sister’s money bec. she is also asking me to shop for her. Hopefully by next week I can shop already bec. for sure people will be flocking there to get some real deal and bargains. I am just excited to go here to find gifts for my godchildren and for my family. I have yet to finish the list this week so it will be easier for me to choose.

You know what, months of Nov. till January are the busiest and the most expensive months for me. Why? Nov. is my birthday month and this year I gave myself a Canon camera lens and some personal stuff. December is so obvious. Come January is the payment for gov’t and municipal taxes of my small business. Aside from that it’s the annual registration of our vehicle and insurance so we are always on the look out for cheap auto insurance to save a little. After those months, it’s my time to breath from all the spending and time for me to work hard again. It’s a never ending cycle.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christopher Cross and Workshy Live in Manila '08

One of my favorite song of Christopher Cross is "Sailing", which is also one of the most popular hits that he has. I remember even having a cassette tape of his greatest hits in the 80's.

Christopher Cross and Workshy Live in Manila will be on Nov. 29, 2008, a back to back concert. to be held at the Araneta Coliseum. Tickets are available at all SM malls or you can call 911-555

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Brag Bangle: Another Gift Idea

Mai, a co-digiscrapper of mine once told us that she ordered a brag bangle for herself. It's my 1st time to hear such so I was kinda intrigued what was that and it turned out that is a customizable/personalized bangle. The bangle or the bracelet can have your picture on it or anything that your like. In Mai's case, she ordered 2 bangles, which i think has photos of her and her cute little Asher so she can brag how cute her son is. She already received it from the seller and what I heard she was satisfied with it.
I went to the multiply site of the seller where she is offering nice styles with different sizes of Brag Bangles.You can see more details on the pricing, shipping and how to order at the seller's site . Multiply site sellers are really coming up with nice, chic and unique pieces that we can also opt to give it as gifts this Christmas or for your own personal use. You can order if you like at

Shopping Habits

1. How often do you go shopping?
2. What are your favourite things to shop?
3. Which one do you prefer, shopping alone or with someone?
4. What is your favourite shopping mall?
5. What is your favourite online store?
6. Do you prefer branded /designer items or just about anything? Why?
7. What is your expensive purchase so far?
8. Are you an impulse buyer?
9. Have you experienced
buying something but later on you regret buying it?

10. Rate yourself being a shopaholic. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the ultimate shopper.
11. If you won P1M on a raffle what would you buy 1st?

If you answer these questions pls. leave a msg. here so I can see your answers.

Comparison Shopping

I have been going to the malls again after many months of controlling myself to shop. You know recent days have been tough for most of us so it is just best to save. Anyway, just bought my new camera lens and cam bag last week as a birthday gift for myself and now I am smiling from ear to ear. I have learned that before purchasing anything that we really we need to compare prices from different shops like what I did. There’s a Comparison Shopping site that I found where you can of course compare prices from different merchants so you can get the best deals and bargains that any shopper wants. It’s always fun shopping and saving at the same time. Check out their site and see what I am talking about.

Toy Hunt: Littlest PetShopToys (multi-colored toys)

Aren't they so cute and colorful? Kids love these for sure. Actually those are Littlest PetShop Toys of my niece Bianca. I once play it with her with the big petshop house. My sis JoyD collected them all and I am not sure if they already got all the animals available.

Since Christmas is also coming this is a perfect gift for the kids and collect them all. Come and join Toy Hunt.

Affordable Holiday Frames

Sometimes it’s hard to find an optical where you can find not just quality frames but with affordable price as well. Zenni Optical, the popular online store has been offering their clients as low as $8 prescription eyeglasses.

How can they give it at such a very low price? It is bec. they manufacture their own frames and they don’t pay for expensive advertisements. Not only customer can avail of the so many styles and frames, anyone can save extra bucks. And since holidays are coming, they are introducing
Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas Gifts Ideas

As of this writing only 33 days before Christmas and have you already made your Christmas shopping list this year? I already started mine the other night but I haven't finished it yet. I still need to think what gift is suited for that person and oh boy I many in my list. I am planning to go to Divisoria next week and at the mall on the 1st week of Dec. to buy Christmas gifts. You know I hate Christmas rush, in those days, you can't think clearly what to give and aside form that the prices are already marked up by the stores bec. they know you'll buy it anyway bec. you are in a hurry.

I remember buying a gift Dec. 24th and that is a bad bad idea but at least I have something for that person. Any Christmas Gifts Ideas that probably can help you think of what to give this year.

1. Techie Gadgets- If you have saved enough to buy your nephew or whoever, for sure they will love those ipods, cellphone, or just even tech accessories that you can give. You know, almost all people have gadgets and I am quite confident they'd appreciate this kind of gift.

2. Leather bags and Accessories-if you have an office mate who love bags, this one is a perfect choice. You can also give one to your boss, a special client or any woman whom you think loves bag (i do!)
3. Personalized Accessories -this is great for friends or officemates. but Oh dear just stay away from MUGS... aren't you had enough of those? lol
~~ If you are a digital scrapbooker like me, you can either make a family calendar with your photos that you can give to your mom, aunt etc. There are calendar templates that you can buy on scrapbooking stores where you need only to put photos in it and it is already ready for printing.
4. Toys- Kids love toys and they much preferred it over money. Think of something that will stimulate kid's creativity and mind esp. if their age is about 2-5. Bigger kids however love dolls (Barbie dolls) as for lil' girls. A barbie doll house will surely amaze and excite lil' girls. Speaking of barbie dolls, my 4 yr. old niece wants to own another one and this time she wants a Barbie Mermaid, gosh.~For lil boys, I am suer they'd love RC toys like cars, or those with race tracks like those of Hotwheels. I remember my sis Joy sent my nephews Hotwheel cars and race track and oh boy they liked it.
5. Wines-for your boss, a client and even your dad
6. Gift Certificate from a store, salon, resto - hmm this one will suit your mom, sister, aunt, or an office when you can't think of what to give.
7. Gift baskets if you really don't know what to give then this one i can say is safe.

Hmmm.. I guess that's it! If you have any other Christmas Gift Ideas, don't hesitate to share it here. Happy Christmas Shopping and oh be safe!

Sale!! Baby Phat Footwear

Who doesn’t know Baby Phat by Kimora Lee Simmons? I remember even watching her on her reality TV show when I was in Sydney for vacation. Anyway, Baby Phat, a leading brand known worldwide has made its mark in the world of fashion catering not only to women but for juniors and kids as well. Baby Phat is synonymous to sleek, fab, chic and cool styles. A lot of Hollywood celebrities wear her line from bags, jeans, lingerie, swimwear, shoes and lots more.
Just one of the popular line that she has was the Baby Phat Footwear, you can choose from Athletic, Wedges, Pumps, Boots, Flats and lots more. Just a heads up if you are planning to shop for footwear Baby Phat is having an online sale. These are just some of the shoes that’s on sale, it’s a good steal and for shoe lovers you should not miss this one.!! Check out their new arrivals too, I know you want to look fab and glam this coming holidays.
Price: $65.00
Sale Price:$54.99
Price: $90.00
Sale Price:$74.99

Twitter/Bebots Christmas Exchange Gift

This is fun! My twittermates/co-digiscrappers are having a Christmas Exchange Gift just like last year and we already picked our "baby" via online bunitan (techy huh!). Anyway, I already know my baby's wish and have purchased it already. BABY if you are reading this post, YOUR GIFT WILL BE COMING SOON! We need to send our gifts before Dec. 5 bec. as you all know during the holidays there'll be delay in the shipping of the items. We started it early bec. also don't want to receive our gifts on Jan. 2009 or valentine's day haha.

I already have my Twitter/Bebots Christmas Exchange Gift Wish List that I posted on my other blog and I know my "mommy' already read it and I know she is so kind to buy my preferred gift. I actually have a hint now who is my mommy but I hope it is not right. Yay it's exciting to receieve something this December. Love you my Twitter/Bebot Mommy!

Roca Wear Outerwear

When it comes to fashion men would not be left out. They are known these days to be fashionable like women, getting picky of what type of clothes they gonna wear. A top choice for men is Roca Wear, a brand that only offers top and quality clothing and accessories like this Roca Wear Outerwear perfect for any men in style. Since Christmas is also coming I can also recommend these as it get chilly outside.

They also have 25% off on Men’s basics and Lounge Pants. Tell this to your man or better yet get him a new wardrobe bec. a deal of 2 for $30 is a great steal you know. Don’t you worry, Roca Wear not only caters for men but also for women and kids so you can also shop for yourself.

Dress Up Like Miley Cyrus

I always hear Miley Cyrus from my teenage niece and of course I know her from Disney Channel's Hannah Montana where she become so popular among teens. Teens wants to dress up like her and here in this photo that I found at Polyvore, she's wearing cute dresses and those sandals are gorgeous.

To steal and dress up like Miley Cyrus, click on the image to know exactly where you can buy those items that she is wearing. Just in case it is expensive or not available anymore, you can always find a cute dress that will match that.

Annoying Frank Callers

Geesh.. have you experienced such? I do. It was midnight, I was still awake but getting ready to sleep when the phone rung. Our phone is in our living room so I hurriedly jumped over my bed and run as fast as I can to receive the call. I said hello but all I got was a deep breathing but the other end. Said hello couple more times but I was just annoyed bec. it never replied. It rung 2x and the same thing happened. It’s just so annoying, I am glad that there is a Harassing Caller Report site now where anyone can report abusive phone callers. Wow, there are probably thousands of them being reported now on the site, so beware you frank callers!

Hollywood's Craziest Shoes

Holy cow, are these celebrities turning themselves to "Imelda Marcos"? Coz for sure they have collected heaps of shoes in their closets and no way they would wear cheap shoes that only costs $

Just take a look at Madonna's shoes by Chanel worth $2,200 !!! Rhianna on the other hand is wearing a Pierre Hardy sandals worth $1,385

NICOLE RICHIE in metallic-heeled Balenciaga leather gladiator sandals worth $1375 JORDIN SPARKS on her rocked cut-out Giuseppe Zanottis worth $750. These celebrities are very fortunate enough to wear branded and designer shoes that sometimes they only wear it once or twice. Oh well they work so hard so they also splurge on their shoes.

Jazz Up Any Room with Water Fountains

It’s the time of the year again when many of household owners and offices try to redesign or make some changes. Oh well it’s always fresh to see a house with clean and neat design as they always reflect the kind of person that lives there. I personally prefer minimalist style and in the future if given the chance, I’d like to build my house like that.

There are actually many ways to redecorate our homes, a simple wall décor or curtain can have a great impact on its look. Another way to consider is by installing water fouuntains in my opinion it is an elegant piece of décor that can jazz up any room whether a house or in an office. Aside from that water fountains have soothing or calming effect bec. of the sound of the water and it doesn’t occupy large space as in the case of the wall fountains unlike other furniture.

You can easily find many water fountains online at Soothing Walls as they carry vast collection of them be it wall fountains or floor fountains To complete you with their services they also have Outdoor Fountains and can even customize your fountains with your company logos. Decorating has never been this elegant and serene.

Just by perusing at their online site, anyone can be lured with the designs that they are offering, photos, prices, and product description are available for you to compare. Further more, I know they are more than willing to accept any of your queries by calling them or talking to their live support.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My New 6 Million Dollar Crumpler Camera Bag

As you all know it's my bday last week and as a gift for myself this year, bought myself a new Canon 18-200mm IS lens that I bought at Henry's. Last Saturday, my friend and I went to Greenhills shopping center to buy some stuff and just to canvass for a camera bag. I really have no intentions of buying a camera bag that day but when I saw this crumpler bag, I can't let it go and so I bought it after much thinking and scrutinizing the inside and out of the bag.

That day i brought along my DSLR cam and my old Lowepro bag so I was able to test if the camera and other lens fits in it. I bought this Dark Brown/Oatmeal/Light Olive color 6 Million Dollar Crumpler Camera Bag and it doesn't look like the old fashioned video/cam bag. I can use it and still look fashionable.
You can put cover on the camera and lens for more protection and added space. You can even put your charger, extra stuff "abubots". There are also front pocket ( I wasn't able to take photo of it). Love this bag bec. I can put my wallet and more when I go out. It is perfect for travel, very roomy, and I feel like my camera and other accessories will be well protected. The only downside I guess is that it is a bit a big for me as a walk around bag since I am just small & petite. wink*

Where to buy?
Crumpler Store at SM Megamall
Digital Walker at Virra Mall
or online at crumpler US

A New Header and RSS icon

I had a spare time to tinker on my blogs yesterday and thought of changing my very bare header to this one. Actually was so pissed when my header is not showing up no matter how many times I add it so I end up changing also my template and fortunately with this one it works. That girl image with a magnifying glass is made by my niece only at paint program. I told her I wanted an icon so made it I think in just 10 minutes.

If you haven't subscribed to my feeds yet, you can do so by clicking the image above for my RSS feed or if you want via e-mail, there is a form on the right side of my blog. Thank you.

Ang PINAKA Bonggang Spa in Phils. (Top 10 Best Spas in the Phils.)

Watched my favorite Sunday show again over at QTV 11 last Sunday and it listed the Top 10 Bonggang Spa in the Phils. (Top 10 Best Spas in the Phils.). I know many of us have experienced going to a spa to relax and pamper themselves and actually gives our body the much needed relaxation and stress buster.

Here are the Top 10 World Class Spas that we can boast. Have you been to any of these?
1. CHI SPA- EDSA Shangrila Hotel
2. The SPA - MAndarin Oriental Manila
3. MANDALA SPA - Boracay (
4. TIRTA SPA- Boracay World Class health spa
5. THE SPA - Libis Quezon City
7. YLANG YLANG SPA - Davao City
8. SONYA'S GARDEN SPA - Tagaytay
9. SANCTUARIO SPA- Hollistic Center - Malate
10. NORTH HAVE SPA - Ferguson Road Baguio City

Keep your kids safe at the Net

We all know that the net is full of unwanted websites esp. those porn ones that your child can have easily access. Sometimes no matter how many times we told them to stay away from that, they will and will always sneak to peek on those sites whether they intend to go there or it just pops into their screen. It’s kinda alarming at times so we need to keep the kids away from that bec. it is not appropriate for them to see those stuff.

You know what, you may have a porn filter in your computer but they don’t actually filter all those porn sites, some can only block a maximum of 91% of those websites. So what is the best way to avoid that? Just found out that, using a pornography detection tool that Surfrecon offers can be the best solution. In this way, parents can be rest assured that it can scan their kid’s computer and probably block all the sites that they are visiting. These days we need to be vigilant on what sites that they frequently go to.

Yay, just yesterday here at my net café my sisinlaw saw one teenage customer of mine surfing a porn site and so she instructed the boy to close it immediately as it is a public computer and my nephews and niece are coming in and out of our store. Shucks look at that kids even at public places can do such things how much more in their private computers. I needed to look into this also as porn sites are all over the net.

Who Wore It Best? Take Your Pick

I had fun browsing photos at US magzine online and just wanted to share this celebrities who wore the same clothes but have different way of wearing them. On top photos is Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester who wore Chloé on MTV’s TRL in NYC. DeLuna rocked the same sheath at a concert in Mannheim, Germany. I thought at 1st it was a bag

Beth Ostrosky Catherine Zeta-Jones Aubrey O'Day
The newlywed, attending a benefit on New York’s Long Island; Zeta-Jones, guesting on the Late Show With David Letterman in NYC; and O’Day, posing at a gala in NYC, all dazzled in Herve Leger’s $1,025 dress. (
Vote for your pick at

Managing Your Assets

Have you ever wondered how big and major companies manage their assets? We are not just talking about few hundred dollars but millions or even billions in major assets. Every company needs to track down every single asset that they have and it is possible by using a web based solution like Asset Lifecycle Management offered by Siterra Corporation. What they are offering their clients will help their companies to have control of their property and other assets through its fully integrated, self-contained, web-based solution thereby assisting the companies to plan, build, manage as well as to grow remotely their assests that they value.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Scotch Brite (3M) Electronics Cleaning Cloth

I had this stubborn dirt on my computer screen for quite sometime and I was kinda annoyed that it won't go away eventhough I wipe it several times already with an ordinary cloth .I didn't know what to use not until my niece told me that she saw a cleaning cloth at a book store. So one time i told her to buy me that and she bought me this Scotch Brite (3M) Electronics Cleaning Cloth at National Bookstore and it costs only P172.5o for 1 pc.

I tried it and oh boy the dirt was removed in just few wipes, thanks to this12x 13 cleaning cloth. It is reusable and doesn't scratch. Perfect for our pc screen, cellphones, pda's and laptops. Have your used this also?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Bought my Canon EFS 18-200mm IS lens /f 3.5-5.6

It's my birthday today, just in case you want to know hehe and I am really stuffed right now with all the foods that we had fro my birthday. More pictures laters

Anyway, as a perfect gift for myself, I bought a new Canon EFS 18-200mm IS (image stabilizer) lens /f 3.5-5.6 at HENRY's in Hidalgo, Quiapo (where i also bought my camera) last Nov. 12. I am trying to haggle for the price but my charm didn't work haha, they said that price is like that which I agree. Anyway, I bought it since I really wanted the focal range of it it;s like combining 18-55mm and 55-200 mm camera lens in one. You can also buy one like this at

Hottest New Music Releases

What is life without music, if I may ask? Music revs our soul, give us beat, changes our mood and what else it colors our world. When I got home and entered my room, I always turn the radio on or my CD player to listen to the music for it wiped away my tiredness from hard days work. I don’t have many collections of cd's or mp3's but just plain listening to the radio is fine with me.

I was at the mall yesterday with a friend and noticed that music lovers are flocking over the music store to get the cd of their fave artist. With all the many shoppers now going to the mall sometimes it’s even hard to go out due to traffic and people and sometimes it is best to only shop online. People are always online now buying anything for themselves and their love one and I can really recommend and suggest any one to visit and purchase the music CD of your fave artists w/o leaving your home.
It’s also the best way to get one this Christmas as CD’s are perfect gift to give. At  Music Shop finding the hottest new music releases and the latest CDs are just a click of a mouse. Saw this new Christmas album of Josh Groban entitled NOEL and I am sure it will be selling like hotcakes. You can even have a sneak peek of this album by listening it online. You can also have the chance to compare prices of this album bec. musicSHOP will provide prices form different stores.

Ahhh Christmas is coming already and aren’t you excited, I’m going to start my Chritsmas gift list and music CD's will be on my list.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Twitter/Bebots Exchange Gift Wish List

So my twittermates and co-bebots are having an exchange gift this Christmas and so we need to post our wish list for our "mommy" to buy. Actually I have a hard time thinking what to ask since I want my mom to buy me something that I can really use. Ok mommy here is my wish.MUCH preffered ko tong 1st 2 on my list.

1. Canon EW78D Lens Hood> compatible din sya dun sa new lens ko wahooo na 18-200mm (i will add na lang for this since it went over the price range) but love love love to have this hehehe

2. Canon wireless remote

And mommy ayaw na rin kitang pahirapan and actually I can't think of any so I decided if you are in Pinas naman you can buy online na lang and free shipping pa dito sa Banana Peel over P1,500 la ka pang pagod diba..just get me
1. kremlin bag

Ok Mommy, dapat kasi over P1,500 ang free shipping eh so P1,570 yata yan, i'm willing to pay back the excess.. THANKS grabe.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Schedule of Christmas Bazaars 2008 in Manila

I know many of you are already starting to buy gifts for Christmas. I guess it's not too early to start since most prices are not that high compared when are are doing the last minute Christmas shopping. I already set up our small Christmas tree in the house last night and my niece was so excited when she saw it esp. when I turned on the Christmas lights.

You know Pinoys, really love tiangges and bazaars so this Schedule of Christmas Bazaars 2008 in Manila will be of great help. Many ave been putting up their sales as early as Oct. Here is the schedule that i found here... Happy Shopping! and oh of be safe and be aware of the pickpockets and all.

15-16 November
Karl Edwards International Bazaar
NBC Tent, Taguig

Grand Bazaar ‘08 @ the Big Tent
Isidora Hills, Holy Spirit Drive
Don Antonio Commonweath, QC

22-23 November
Karl Edwards International Bazaar
NBC Tent, Taguig

23 November
Assumption Alumni Bazaar
Hotel Intercontinental, Makati

28-30 November

29-30 November
Rockwell Urban Bazaar
Powerplant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City

New Items, White Elephants, Cool 2nd Hand Items, UKAY-UKAY, Used Electronics, and Great Food!

Venue: La Vista Clubhouse, 34 Maranaw st., La Vista, Q.C. On 29-30 November 2008
Karl Edwards International Bazaar
NBC Tent, Taguig

Grand Bazaar ‘08 @ the Big Tent
Isidora Hills, Holy Spirit Drive
Don Antonio Commonwealth, QC

Metrowalk’s Yuletide Bazaar
Metrowalk, Ortigas Ave., Ortigas Center
November 21 - December 31, 2008
Selling time: Sun.- thur. 4 p.m. to 12 m.n.
Fri. - Sat. 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.

2 December
American Women’s Bazaar
World Trade Center, Metro Manila

5 - 16 December
The 7th World Bazaar Festival
World Trade Center, Metro Manila

6-7 December
Karl Edwards International Bazaar
NBC Tent, Taguig

Grand Bazaar ‘08 @ the Big Tent
Isidora Hills, Holy Spirit Drive
Don Antonio Commonweath, QC

12-14 December
Rockwell Urban Bazaar
Powerplant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City

13-14 December
Grand Bazaar ‘08 @ the Big Tent
Isidora Hills, Holy Spirit Drive
Don Antonio Commonweath, QC

13-23 December
Karl Edwards International Bazaar
NBC Tent, Taguig

18-23 December
Grand Bazaar ‘08 @ the Big Tent
Isidora Hills, Holy Spirit Drive
Don Antonio Commonweath, QC

27-28 December
Karl Edwards International Bazaar
NBC Tent, Taguig

Friday, November 7, 2008

Final Fab Sale at Forever 21!

Bargain Hunters, I've found these fab FINAL SALE AT FOREVER 21 so here is your chance to grab them. Love that Soft knit babydoll dress originally priced at $19.99 but was slashed to $7.99. Shirts are sold now for $3.99 which is a good steal. You can check out the site for more sale items. Oh BTW, they offer free shipping when you purchased over $75.

Colored Filigree Earring
Was: $6.80
Now: $2.99

Michelle Obama's Fashion Style

It's all over the news around the world when Barrack Obama won as the new Pres. of the US. All eyes are on him and his family. The new First Lady Michelle Obama's Fashion Style was also on the spotlight and there are many critisism by fashion gurus. Good or bad, Michelle carried herself well. Actually I like her fashion style. During her husband's victory she is seen wearing a Narciso Rodriguez's Spring 2009 RTW collection.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Birthday Gadget Wish List

Yebahhh.. I am going to be extravagant on my list this year bec. my b-day is on the 16th wahoo...Just in case you didn't know, I love taking photos ever since. My b-day gift for my self last year was a Canon Rebel Xti 400d and this year I wanted a new lens for it since I am no longer using it's kit lens. I also bought a 50 mm 1.8 II lens but since it has no zoom I am having a hrad time with the group shots. BTW, I am selling my KIT LENS Canon 18-55 mm just in case you want to buy it.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can buy the lens this month.. Oh BTW, don't forget to join my ongoing B-day Contest.

On my list are:
1. Canon EFS 18-200mm IS lens (love the zoom range and the (IS) Image stabilizer feature)
2. Canon Speedlite Flash
3. Canon Wireless Remote Control
4. 5 Million Dollar Crumpler camera bag, Tracy Joy Bag or Lowepro bag
5. Lens hood

Looks Like Everyone Wants to Wear Celebrity Scarves

I've been seeing a lot of teenagers here wearing scarves since last year and I don't find it too appealing. With the tropical weather that we have in my opinion it doesn't fit. I know it's a fashion accessory to wear and a fashion style but hey they are sometimes just being ridiculed by wearing them.

Anyway, but when celebs like Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes etc. wears a scarf , dunno but it looks great on them and with the weather that they have wearing a scarf is not only a fashion style but to keep them warm esp. on fall or winter. I just noticed that everyone wants to wear celebrity scarves. What are your thoughts about this?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Vanessa Hudgens Seen Wearing a Motorcycle Jacket

Wow, fashion really evolved through the years and people have been really experimental with the way they dress up. I will never thought that a Motorcycle Jacket can be fashionable and can be paired with a dress. Some can pull it off i guess, just like this, Vanessa Hudgens was seen wearing a Motorcyle Jacket by Catherine Malandrino. I reckon sometimes a contrast of textures on clothes a rugged paired with a soft or delicate fabric can also be a good match. One thing though you need to be comfortable and confident is wearing them.
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