Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday Death at Wal Mart

I had a lot of relatives and couple of friends in the US, who celebrated Thanksgiving and shopped at to get great deals and discounts. It is their yearly routine and they really save for this big shopping day. And who would not go out and shop when you can buy HP laptops as low as $400 and other products are being slashed off their prices.

I was reading news and stories over today at CNN and their Special Report about "Black Friday turns tragic for Wal-Mart" It was so sad to know that a Wal Mart employee named Jdimytai Damour, died when he was knocked down by hundreds of rushing early shoppers of Black Friday Shopping. Imagine tumbled down my mad hungry shoppers? Yay that is so scary.!

I also saw some Black Friday Stampede videos over at You Tube and sometimes getting a great discount over a product is not worth it when you get hurt.

Read more of the Black Friday Death at Wal Mart at CNN

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  1. I saw this one too several times in the internet and in the news. It's sad how people can be so "materialistic". A guy even said the Wal Mart employee died over electronics. The police are now looking for those people who stepped upon the victim. What I can say now is I do not want to be in their shoes. Can you imagine Te Jen some customers were too insensitive that they even got mad bec. Wal Mart decided to close the store bec. of the tragedy? We pray it never happens again.