Saturday, November 22, 2008

Brag Bangle: Another Gift Idea

Mai, a co-digiscrapper of mine once told us that she ordered a brag bangle for herself. It's my 1st time to hear such so I was kinda intrigued what was that and it turned out that is a customizable/personalized bangle. The bangle or the bracelet can have your picture on it or anything that your like. In Mai's case, she ordered 2 bangles, which i think has photos of her and her cute little Asher so she can brag how cute her son is. She already received it from the seller and what I heard she was satisfied with it.
I went to the multiply site of the seller where she is offering nice styles with different sizes of Brag Bangles.You can see more details on the pricing, shipping and how to order at the seller's site . Multiply site sellers are really coming up with nice, chic and unique pieces that we can also opt to give it as gifts this Christmas or for your own personal use. You can order if you like at


  1. Jen I took those car photos in our bedroom. So the lighting came from our bathroom hehe..
    I just set the aperture to 1.8 tapos ISO 200. WHITE BG AND NO FLASH!

  2. i love to wear sth like that but seldom there's one that fits my the size of my hand. :(

    by the way, subscribed in here.