Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Busiest Months

Yay, Christmas is coming, 29 more days to be exact and I have not yet started my shopping. I earlier planned on going to Divisoria yesterday or today but I am still waiting for my sister’s money bec. she is also asking me to shop for her. Hopefully by next week I can shop already bec. for sure people will be flocking there to get some real deal and bargains. I am just excited to go here to find gifts for my godchildren and for my family. I have yet to finish the list this week so it will be easier for me to choose.

You know what, months of Nov. till January are the busiest and the most expensive months for me. Why? Nov. is my birthday month and this year I gave myself a Canon camera lens and some personal stuff. December is so obvious. Come January is the payment for gov’t and municipal taxes of my small business. Aside from that it’s the annual registration of our vehicle and insurance so we are always on the look out for cheap auto insurance to save a little. After those months, it’s my time to breath from all the spending and time for me to work hard again. It’s a never ending cycle.

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