Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas Gifts Ideas

As of this writing only 33 days before Christmas and have you already made your Christmas shopping list this year? I already started mine the other night but I haven't finished it yet. I still need to think what gift is suited for that person and oh boy I many in my list. I am planning to go to Divisoria next week and at the mall on the 1st week of Dec. to buy Christmas gifts. You know I hate Christmas rush, in those days, you can't think clearly what to give and aside form that the prices are already marked up by the stores bec. they know you'll buy it anyway bec. you are in a hurry.

I remember buying a gift Dec. 24th and that is a bad bad idea but at least I have something for that person. Any Christmas Gifts Ideas that probably can help you think of what to give this year.

1. Techie Gadgets- If you have saved enough to buy your nephew or whoever, for sure they will love those ipods, cellphone, or just even tech accessories that you can give. You know, almost all people have gadgets and I am quite confident they'd appreciate this kind of gift.

2. Leather bags and Accessories-if you have an office mate who love bags, this one is a perfect choice. You can also give one to your boss, a special client or any woman whom you think loves bag (i do!)
3. Personalized Accessories -this is great for friends or officemates. but Oh dear just stay away from MUGS... aren't you had enough of those? lol
~~ If you are a digital scrapbooker like me, you can either make a family calendar with your photos that you can give to your mom, aunt etc. There are calendar templates that you can buy on scrapbooking stores where you need only to put photos in it and it is already ready for printing.
4. Toys- Kids love toys and they much preferred it over money. Think of something that will stimulate kid's creativity and mind esp. if their age is about 2-5. Bigger kids however love dolls (Barbie dolls) as for lil' girls. A barbie doll house will surely amaze and excite lil' girls. Speaking of barbie dolls, my 4 yr. old niece wants to own another one and this time she wants a Barbie Mermaid, gosh.~For lil boys, I am suer they'd love RC toys like cars, or those with race tracks like those of Hotwheels. I remember my sis Joy sent my nephews Hotwheel cars and race track and oh boy they liked it.
5. Wines-for your boss, a client and even your dad
6. Gift Certificate from a store, salon, resto - hmm this one will suit your mom, sister, aunt, or an office when you can't think of what to give.
7. Gift baskets if you really don't know what to give then this one i can say is safe.

Hmmm.. I guess that's it! If you have any other Christmas Gift Ideas, don't hesitate to share it here. Happy Christmas Shopping and oh be safe!

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