Wednesday, November 26, 2008

GQ's Men of the Year 2008

Was watching the news on TV last week when I overheard this story. GQ has announced their GQ's Men of the Year 2008. Haha was surprised to see my favorite chef, Gordon Ramsey on their list, he is a loudmouth and many hate him but learned to love him through his cooking shows.

Just some of the winners:Here:

Game Changer: Barack Obama
Champions of the Year:
Leading Man:
Leonardo DiCaprio
Designer of the year:
Thom Browne
Golden Boy:
Michael Phelps
Mad Genius of the Year:
John Malkovich
Obsession of the Year:
Megan Fox
Drama Queen of the Year:
Sean Penn
Screen Idol of the Year:
James Franco
Tough Guys of the Year:
The Wire
Writers Mogul of the Year:
Seth MACFarlane
Prick of the Year:
Gordon Ramsay

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