Thursday, November 20, 2008

Keep your kids safe at the Net

We all know that the net is full of unwanted websites esp. those porn ones that your child can have easily access. Sometimes no matter how many times we told them to stay away from that, they will and will always sneak to peek on those sites whether they intend to go there or it just pops into their screen. It’s kinda alarming at times so we need to keep the kids away from that bec. it is not appropriate for them to see those stuff.

You know what, you may have a porn filter in your computer but they don’t actually filter all those porn sites, some can only block a maximum of 91% of those websites. So what is the best way to avoid that? Just found out that, using a pornography detection tool that Surfrecon offers can be the best solution. In this way, parents can be rest assured that it can scan their kid’s computer and probably block all the sites that they are visiting. These days we need to be vigilant on what sites that they frequently go to.

Yay, just yesterday here at my net café my sisinlaw saw one teenage customer of mine surfing a porn site and so she instructed the boy to close it immediately as it is a public computer and my nephews and niece are coming in and out of our store. Shucks look at that kids even at public places can do such things how much more in their private computers. I needed to look into this also as porn sites are all over the net.

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