Friday, November 7, 2008

Michelle Obama's Fashion Style

It's all over the news around the world when Barrack Obama won as the new Pres. of the US. All eyes are on him and his family. The new First Lady Michelle Obama's Fashion Style was also on the spotlight and there are many critisism by fashion gurus. Good or bad, Michelle carried herself well. Actually I like her fashion style. During her husband's victory she is seen wearing a Narciso Rodriguez's Spring 2009 RTW collection.

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  1. Hi Jen, ex-links tayo with my shopping blog. I am hoping magka pr din ako doon saka I will try to make it exciting with some things I am into or but every once in a while. Yours here I see na may pr2 na pala ha.
    Hey, I like Michelle Obama's style din, she always looks sophisticated and professional sa mga attire nya. I like Sarah Palin's style of clothing din and hair style. Okay, till here for now. Kind regards!