Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Birthday Gadget Wish List

Yebahhh.. I am going to be extravagant on my list this year bec. my b-day is on the 16th wahoo...Just in case you didn't know, I love taking photos ever since. My b-day gift for my self last year was a Canon Rebel Xti 400d and this year I wanted a new lens for it since I am no longer using it's kit lens. I also bought a 50 mm 1.8 II lens but since it has no zoom I am having a hrad time with the group shots. BTW, I am selling my KIT LENS Canon 18-55 mm just in case you want to buy it.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can buy the lens this month.. Oh BTW, don't forget to join my ongoing B-day Contest.

On my list are:
1. Canon EFS 18-200mm IS lens (love the zoom range and the (IS) Image stabilizer feature)
2. Canon Speedlite Flash
3. Canon Wireless Remote Control
4. 5 Million Dollar Crumpler camera bag, Tracy Joy Bag or Lowepro bag
5. Lens hood

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