Wednesday, December 31, 2008

SALE: Nine West Bags!!

I just love Nine West bag, I purchased a bag about 3 years ago and up to now I can still use it bec. it is durable. Every time I go to the mall, I never failed to pass the Nine West branch in Galleria. It's always refreshing to see some new designs in the store and I always wish to replace my old bag but time is tight right now so perhaps maybe next year.

Went to their online store and found these bags on sale and of course my eyes is popping out and wanting to have You can check more SALE items at
Image Hosted by
With A Twist Medium Tote Orig price $85.00 NOW $69.99
Image Hosted by
Beth Dome Before $79.00 ***NOW $54.99

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Eva Longoria at Glamour Mag

I only have few favorite actresses in Hollywood and that includes Eva Longoria. Just so love her especially when I watch her at Desperate Housewife. Her petite figure and browned skinned makes her standout plus the way she acts. Saw these photos a t I could not help but to grab it. She poses a bit sexy at the Glamour Mag (Men Issue) set for Feb. 2009. Love the way she dresses up but I hope she will make her hair jist like before as she looks very sensual and exotic with her long hair. Though I may not follow all things about her, I will still keep admiring her.

Anime Chat Rooms

I guess most of teenagers and adults too love watching Anime. My college nephew loves watching Japanese animes and you can’t even bother him when he is watching that. He is hooked for sure and there is something about those Animes that is why many people are enthralled into watching them. Speaking of being captivated by it, some teens would even imitate the characters from the hair and dressing up.

Japanese animes have come to our shores and being watched by most teens. There are television shows, series being shown here and Anime addicts would find themselves watching them religiously (in case of my nephews). I can’t relate much too them but when they talk about it, I can feel their excitement and love for it. Anime lovers have grown globally that there’s even an Anime chat room where anyone can join and participate. It’s always good to know that there is someone you can talk to about your favourite just like any hobby or passion. So for Anime addicts and fanatics out there, here is a place where you can meet fellow Anime lovers all over the world. Share the same interest and gain more friends. Join now bec. it is for FREE!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Ceramic Pieces to Add Accent to Your Homes

Banded Bowl
Colorful Leaf Drape Clay Vase
I know there are lots of homeowners who are doing a general cleaning at their homes (that includes me) so that they will have a clean home when the new year comes. It is also a great time to put away all the old furniture in our homes to accommodate the new ones. You can either give it away to friends or relatives whom do you think can use them or if not it's better to collect all the old stuff and open your garage for a garage sale. We have been doin that for yeas to get rid of our old things and even the stuff that is new but we don't intend to use anymore. Here are are some of the ceramic pieces that you can get at ETSY that can add beauty to your homes.

Broke After Christmas Shopping

Weeew.. finally Christmas shopping has ended and most of us got broke due to holiday shopping just like me. Oh dear, I have shopped till I dropped before Christmas and there's no regret since I gave them to my friends and relatives. Now that I have shopped tremendously, I need to work hard again and save for the coming year bec. I want a new external flash for my DSLR, a new Tracy Joy Bag (yay), a tripod (the old got broken),maybe a new TV with a tv stand and a HP or Sony Vaio laptop (this, I really really want!!). Ahhhh .. I need to work doubly hard this coming year to get what I want.

Finest Engagement Rings

One of the most exciting and nerve wracking thing for a guy to do is to ask his girlfriend for marriage. Every guy would always want it to be memorable and of course he wants a yes for an answer. Selecting engagement rings is by far a major task for guys for they would see to it that they have selected the one that their future spouse will like. Diamonds are always preferred for they are timeless and like what they always say they are forever.

Every women would be so proud and happy to receive one and show it off to the world that she is engaged and going to be a wife soon. Browse among the beautiful collections of White Flash and it will be perfect to give for your woman.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

2008's Biggest Celebrity Scandals

I love reading Yahoo celebrity news and scandals and of course year 2008 is ending and they are having this 2008's Biggest Celebrity Scandals list that I wanted to share.
#1 Britney's Tumultuous Year
#2 Heath Ledger's Death
#3 Hogan Family Drama
- Hulk Hogan's break up with wife Linda
- Son jailed fro a car accident
- Linda dating 19 yr old guy
#4 Madonna and Guy Ritchie's Divorce
- A sad break up, thought they will stay together longer
#5 Paul McCartney's divorce from Heather Mills
- Heather was able to get $50 million out of this

A Must Have for Auto Owners

It’s my routine every morning to watch the news to keep me abreast with the things that going here and around the world. It is sad to hear in the news about the snow storm that is havocking some states in the US where lots have been injured and lots of automobiles wrecked. Slippery roads lead to road accident and have seen many cars piled up in the street. Geesh, I bet it is scary to drive with ice thicker that you can imagine. I have friends and relatives in the US who rather stay at home or just prefer to ride the bus and not drive their own.My sis in law even had a distant relative died in Canada bec. she was one of those (4) that died in the car accident bec. their car hit a big chunk of snow that lead to their deaths.

Not only on icy countries do road accidents happen but as well as here bec. of drunk drivers driving esp. this holiday season where parties are almost everyday. Drivers should not drink and drive and they should be alert and careful when driving. Just one of the most important thing auto owners should have are auto insurance in times of accident. We never know when it will hit so being prepared is a must, in fact it is already compulsory to have one each year. There are Auto Insurance Quotes available online saving you time searching elsewhere. will help you match with an insurance company that can provide you with your insurance best suited for your needs. You have the option to choose what is most excellent and affordable for your budget.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Shopping

Hey all.. Are you all done with your Christmas shopping? I hope so bec. I am done with mine. I already wrapped some of them last night and will continue wrapping the rest tonight. I know up to this day there are still Christmas Shoppers rushing to buy gifts esp. those that have no time to do so. Malls will be closing late to accommodate them which is good for the shoppers and the malls since they can still generate sales.

Yesterday afternoon, I made my last purchase at a nearby SM mall and there are huge 50% off on Barbie bags and I was there right on time when the salesmen put all the stocks so I was able to grab 3 cute Barbie backpacks. It's a good steal bec. it is seldom that they put it on sale. I know the stocks are all gone by now. Anyway, it's Christmas in 3 days and I am wishing you all a

Credits: Elements by Michelle Coleman, L. Teague

Dreamin' of HP Pavillion Laptop

Up to now I am still dreamin' of owning this HP Pavillion laptop next year. I have been canvassing laptops in Greenhills Shopping Center every time I had the chance to go there. Race and I was able to go to different shops there and even testing some few laptops like the Compac Presario which the prices are reasonable enough. My bestfriend Race also wanted to own one so we are keeping our fingers crossed about it. We still need to save some moolah.

Here is the laptop that I want, I really keening towards an HP Pavilion for I know it's durability since I already own a pavilion desktop. I know it will be much expensive that other branded ones but with the performance and like i said durability, it's worth the price. Ahhh, wish I can have it soon.

Here are the specs of HP Pavilion dv7z series:Windows Vista Home Premium, 17.0" diagonal WXGA+ High-Definition, 3GB DDR2 System Memory (2 Dimm), 3GB DDR2 System Memory (2 Dimm), Wireless-G Card with Bluetooth and more. I know it has a superior video card for maximum performance.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Limited Edition Super Fruit Lipgloss Clutch

If you are still thinking of last minute gift for someone who loves cosmetics then this limited-edition super fruit lipgloss clutch will definitely delight your girl friend. It's limited edition only so be quick to snag it. It includes 9 deluxe lipglosses with fruity taste (hmm love it!) that is antioxidant rich nutrients and vitamins and of course this golden clutch that you can use. Oh btw, it only costs $39 that is so affordable.

Fashionable Leggings

I reckon that fashion just keeps on coming back from time to time only with a twist. Designers would come up with a new version of the clothes or fashion way back in the 70’s, 80’s or any era. I remember wearing leggings in the 80’s matching with a long shirt with big shoulder padding that we I look like a football player.. lol. And no to forget the hair fashion, the teased hair bangs sprayed with aqua net. Wow, every time I look at my old pictures back then, can’t help but to laugh.
Image Hosted by
Leggings came back again these days, although almost the same style but matching blouses don’t have big foam pads anymore. I just love wearing one bec. it is so comfortable to wear esp. if you wear a cotton one. You can either wear it with a long blouse and cute “ballet” shoes or flats for a summery look or with a blouse and a high heels for a more chic and semi-formal look. For those adventurous ones they us leggings with different colors but I will go for the classic black color as it can match any colors of blouse. Leggings will always be stylish and you can find different styles at Hue(, choose among cotton, fishnet, footless, with lace leggings that they offer.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SALE: Victoria's Secret Fragrances

You gotta love Victoria's Secret! I once received a Victoria's Secret Love Spell lotion from a relative in the US who came home for a vacation few years ago and it was my 1st time to use such product and it instantly made me fell in love with it's sweet fragrance. It's like I am enthralled by using it more open especially after taking a bath as the fragrance really lingers through the day.

While looking for some cheek gifts for my girlfriends, I remember Victoria's Secret and I am not disappointed bec. there are many gift items that I can say affordable to give us gifts. Fragrances are all time favorite choice of gifts for women as they are almost always used. Here are some of the items (SALE: Victoria's Secret Fragrances) that I recommend giving as gifts this holiday. They also have fragrances with free bags. This gift box is a good steal, just take a look, 6 mini bottles for only $29.50.

Orig. $40. Sale $29.50
Love spell
Buy More and Save: Special any 4/$20 or 8/$35., Body Lotion, $9., Body Mist, $9. Body Wash, $8.50. Hand and Body Cream, $9.50. Body Scrub, $9. Body Butter, $10. Bath Bubbles, $8.50.

Wish There are Always Free Shipping

Just love browsing online at my favorite US stores but being from a different country it hinders me from ordering online. The reason for this is the cost of the shipping maybe too expensive. I would be more than glad if all stores offer free shipping especially international one coz’ it’ll made me so happy but I know it is far from reality. I reckon they can’t offer that simply bec. stores also pay shippers moving companies to shift or move their products. If you know any store that offers free shipping, kindly share it to me ok.

Crocs Athens Thong Sandal

I have seen lots of people wearing CROCS andals lately that you can't even determine if what they are wearing are genuine Crocs or just fake ones due too rampant copying. You know when a product sells like hotcakes for sure enterprising individuals would always imitate it and sell it for a cheaper price.

There are many cheap fake ones in Greenhills tiangges sold for only P350+ and Divisoria mall would not be left behind crocs sandals like these would only be sold for only P250. Of course the quality is far more different from the original one bec. you could see that it is not well made and sometimes the glue is stickin' out of the soles.

Anyway, I wanted to buy one for myself and I prefer to have this Crocs Athens Thong Sandal that is perfect for comfy walking. I browsed online and saw at Amazon that it is only $20-29.00 each pair and that is a good deal.

Plus Size Shopping for Women

We always see those skinny fashion models making their way at the catwalk. If you have read my recent post about skinny models then you will rather wish you have more curves on your body than being regarded as anorexic or bulimic person who always try to look thin.

Plus size women most often than not are being ridiculed for being heavy and big. I am not hypocrite to say that I don’t look at them or give some side comments esp. when I saw too big and heavy women. I pity them of course and I know they have once exerted efforts trying to loose weight by exercising or even taking some Apidexin and some other alternatives. I have seen shops that carry plus size clothes and accessories. They have no reason not to be fashionable and chic too. I have seen some big women who can carry themselves well bec. they got great confidence in themselves.

Monday, December 15, 2008

iPod and iPhone Fashionable Cases

Don't you just love all the new trends and style sprouting everywhere? Designers are making some nice iPod and iPhone Fashionable Cases that users always want to get hold. Not only it is fashionable it can also protect your precious iPods and iPhones from scratches or minor bumps. Not all are girly designs for they also have for men.

I reckon these are perfect gifts for techie people. It's really different from the usual leather cases that we often see. I think I have to get one for my niece who has been mishandling all her gadgets, in this way she can keep it fashionable and safe. You know teens are sometimes careless with their things. ahhhh..

Images from seller:

Shopping in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the “City the Never Sleeps” has been the most popular destinations by many tourists, locals and famous celebrities. This city boasts of many tourist attractions and places to explore. Aside from their luxury hotels, casinos and gaming places, shopping should never be missed when you are there.

Where to find shopping stores there? Bright lights and attractive store decors always greet shopper in the las vegas strip. Here are places where you can shop till you drop
• Le Boulevard at Paris Las Vegas
• Mandalay Place
• Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood
• Showcase Mall
• Via Bellagio
• Wynn Esplanade and lots more

Skinny Models? !

It’s always fun to see models in the catwalk strutting with designer clothes on them. I always thought that those clothes would only look great on them bec. they are models but when I will wear it I know for sure it’s not flattering. Have you noticed that models are getting thinner ever?

Are they all starving themselves or taking Orovo detox to make their body look like that? Sometimes it’s alarming and become unsightly to see too skinny models in the catwalk. I also read somewhere that there have been some debates at the fashion industry about this skinny models issue.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sexiest Hairstyle for Women

I remember in the 80's it was the time that Lady Diana's short haircut was making waves amongst us. I even sported that look if you will ask but these days i find this long and wavy hairstyle the best and how'd i wish I can achieve that in my hair. Too bad I have such thick and sometimes coarse hair that it is impossible for me to have my hair created like this.

Just found out while reading the Daily Mail that men still prefer long locks over those chopped off hair cut being worn by celebs. like Victoria Beckham or even Katie Holmes. I personally love celebs with those long and wavy hair that looks so soft and carefree. In this photo, X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole have won the hearts of men in a recent poll on what hairstyle of women guys love the most. So ladies keep in mind the Sexiest Hairstyle for Women is till long hair. I'm keepin' mine hehe. Read more of the story at Daily Mail,

Shopping Confessions Contest: !!

Oh my gosh, Christmas is just few days away and have you finished you shopping already? It’s weekend again and most of the people will flock at the malls to buy gifts but my mom and sister in law went to a popular shopping market bec. of the low price that it offers but the down side is that the place is really jam-packed. I also need to finish my shopping by tomorrow for I will go at the mall.

With the rush that is going at the malls and bazaars some still prefer online shopping for convenience. I have friends who have shopped way too early so that their items will not be delayed bec. of the holiday rush. And what a perfect way to shop is when you have lots of money to spend. Oh BTW, found this cool contest online and it is called Shopping Confessions Video Contest. Anyone can win $1,500 every month just by making a video of your shopping confessions and uploading it on you tube. Grand prize will get $15,000 and that’s a lot of money to shop.

To learn more just watch this Video and you can register HERE and don’t forget to refer this blog, ok. Have fun shopping everyone!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Victoria's Secret's Sexy Dresses on SALE!

Just another perfect find online that I found, Victoria's Secret's Sexy Dresses are on SALE! Company or Family Christmas parties are every where these holidays and you can slip one of these sexy dresses to gear you up for the holidays.

Just love this strapless dress and wish I have the same confidence as the model. She looks like she need not a lot of effort in showing this off. Great figure, i hope she didn't use any Relacore to achieve that. Love love this style. There are more Sale sexy dresses over at Victoria's Secret if you want just check out their site. Oh BTW they also have other sale items.
Flirty little open-back dress Sale at $59

Holiday Toy List Gift Ideas

I know every one of us are shopping for gifts already, for kids in particular bec. we all know that they are the ones who are really excited when Christmas is coming. With busy days ahead not everyone of us can still go out to the malls to pick for a perfect toys for kids. You know how hard it is sometimes to think what to choose so many opted buying online coz there's not much hassle.

Just a tip place your orders now as shipping will be delayed due to too much online shoppers. I know you don't want your kids to get their gifts after Christmas, right? So I was browsing Amazon today for new toys that they have out there and saw Gift Ideas and i found it very cool and I think many shoppers will find this very helpful.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Handmade Fabric Bags at Etsy

If you haven't discovered at yet then you need to get there fast for they have nice handmade items from different sellers all over the globe. I only knew about this store from my online friends and oh boy I can't believe they are so into it, purchasing items left and right. I bought a necklace for a friend there and she actually loved it.

There are many nice pcs. that you can see there from jewelries, paintings, clothing and lots lots more. I browsed the site today and thought of sharing some handmade cloth bags from different sellers.

Here are some nice bags that I saw there, there are actually tons of nice bags out there. Just click the images to go directly at the seller's shop.
i love this flowery bag

Robinsons Department Store's Pre-Christmas Sale

There are many bazaars, tiangges, sale on malls almost everywhere bec. we can count the days that Christmas will be here. I am shopping recently and of course finding good sales at the malls. I was surfing online and saw that Robinsons Department Store is having a Pre-Christmas Sale from December 12, 13, and 14. I love Robinson's mall esp. in Ortigas and with this sale I am really going out probably on Sunday the 14th to catch on some sales.

I know you are also buying gifts or a gift card for your loved ones so be early bec. malls are getting jampacked each day till Christmas. I will surely mark this date and I am ithcing to shop again. See you at the mall !!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bag's Buddy Keepin' Your Bags organized

I am the type of a person who loves carrying a not so big bag for I always want to carry lots of stuff in it especially when I go out malling, meeting a friend or whatever. I just couldn't find tiny bag to carry all my abubots. I was watching an early morning show, I think few weeks ago when they are showing some Christmas gift ideas and they showed some bag organizers and i thought it is pretty interesting and very useful to have.
I was looking for an online seller online and i know there are many multiply sellers that are offering such so I Googled one and found this Bag's Buddy at Not quite sure how much it is bec. you need to pm the seller but with the looks of it , i guess it is affordable naman. I reckon this is also perfect for my bag since I can organize it bec. it has lots of pockets. This is also another gift idea that I found. (I hope the seller don't mind me posting a photo from their site)

Find that Person

I have to share this site that I found and I am sure someone will find it very helpful. Either you are looking for a long lost friend or relatives’ address or you want to know who is your prank caller then their number will search the key in knowing their address in the US. Finding people by using Phone Number Lookup Service is a great way to keep in touch, just browse on their complete list of United States area codes supported that is supported by the reverse phone number lookup.

My Divisoria Christmas Shopping

I have been meaning to go Christmas shopping at the end of November but got too tied up with so many online and offline duties plus waiting for my sister's list for her shopping as well. Anyway, I went to Divisoria with a family friend last Wednesday (Dec. 3) and we arrived there about 12 noon already as we left the house a bit late already. Our 1st stop is at the 168 Mall and I was overwhelmed with all the products that I can actually buy. Bought 2 blouses for myself at Juliana store and gifts for my relatives. Gosh they really have lots of customers bec. they sell blouses (casual or formal) at a cheaper prices compared to the malls.

And here at Divisoria you can buy lots of goodies from clothes, electronics etc. I was able to buy lots and got so tired afterward. There are many people who flocked in the afternoon that even I had a hard time looking for the exit signs. Got home at 9 pm already hungry and with tired legs. Yay, its tiring but so fun to shop!

XML Contest Online

There are many contests running in the Internet nowadays and this one is particularly for those XML skills and knowledge. Every challenge will be exciting and if you are up for the challenge then sign up and join this xml contest which is actually open for XML and database technologies. I know there are many enthusiasts on IT industry and this competition will greatly help your skills.

It is open to students and professionals and it consists of five different contests (Video Contest, Gadget Contest, Query Contest, Ported App Contest and XML2 Contest with different prizes that awaits the contestants. Oh BTW anyone can learn XML and DB2 and no prior experience is required to join. Join and be the new XML Superstar. For more info just click the link that I have provided.

My Sunday Greenhills Shopping

I was suppose to go to Greenhills after lunch last Sunday but it was rescheduled because around lunch time, I was so excited to watch the boxing fight of Manny Pacquaio and Oscar dela Hoya online via the live streaming on the net. Thanks to that bec. we had he chance to know who will win and indeed our own Pacman brought the Golden boy down. After watching the fight online (eventhuogh it was a slow connection) I'm still satisfied so we waited it to be shown on our local TV. It was a good fight.

Anyway, I went out at around 3 pm already and there was a traffic already heading towards Greenhills area. As usual I strolled the tiangge and look for some good stuff to buy. I was able to buy myself a blouse which is on sale, 2 shoes from Shoe Box and a pair of brown skinny jeans. Hahaha all I got was for myself bec. I am meaning to buy shoes for the longest time.

I also purchased some CDRs and DVDs that I will sell here at my store and I also passed by the Crumpler camera bag again. I also looked for some laptops bec. that is my next projetc, wish I can buy one next year. I am eyeing HP pavillion but if my budget will not permit, I will just settle for Sony Vaio or Compacq Presario. I enjoyed it eventhough I was alone shopping.

Find Your Perfect Match

In these day and age, dating online is already considered one of the ways to meet someone and probably find your perfect match. Gone were the days were singles considered it shameful to talk to someone online and date online. With the technology upon us is it the fastest way to communicate internationally and locally. I have tried dating online once and it is exciting and fun to meet singles. If you want to try dating online and meet singles around is a Local Dating Community on the net. Signing up is just for free and there is an endless possibility that you can meet several friends or maybe a lover. Searching for singels in your area is just a click away!

JC Penney Biggest Bonus Sale 2008

Christmas Shoppers are busy already and I have started mine since last week and actually I have not finished it yet. When I go to the mall and other shops I have so many stuff to choose from that I am having a hard time. Too bad I always forgot to bring my list with me to guide me and in turn I went out of my budget and I missed the gift that I should be really be buying.

Anyway, here's a shopping alert JC Penney Biggest Bonus Sale 2008 so head over on their site or at their stores to pick your gifts. There 's a 30-60% off on their products

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sexy Lingerie

Some women love wearing sexy lingerie to jazz up their bedroom wardrobe or for their husband’s delight. I reckon it’s a perfect move for a sizzling night of romance or passion. I don’t think your man would always love seeing you in your jammies, right? Give him a tease sometimes for a flavorful relationship.

Lingeriis part of every woman’s wardrobe and if you are looking for something sexy or different then I’d suggest you’d browse bec. I know you’ll find something that you will like. You’ll find wide selection of lingerie from corsets, camisoles, sexy costumes, high heels and many more. Plus sized or full figured women need not be left behind as they also cater plus size lingerie, just choose among their collections.

If you also have some friends who are getting married soon, this is a perfect place to look for some naughty or flirty stuff for their bachelorette party. Thong panties, g-strings, fishnet bras are just some of the items you can consider giving. Men also would find this site useful bec. they can also buy items to give and to surprise their ladies. I am sure women will be thrilled to receive one and who knows something passionate will come right after this.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Most Expensive Umbrella in the World

Just in case you want to know how much is this umbrella, then it is worth a whooping $50,000 and is only available via order at Billionaire Couture's London boutique. It is made up of crocodile skin made by Billionaire Couture, which is the "extreme luxury" brand that is founded by Formula One mogul Flavio Briatore and designer Angelo Galasso. Only high class and of course millionaires can own such.

Toy SALE at Fisher Price !!

I was trying to get some gift ideas online on what to give for kids this Christmas when I stumbled upon Fisher Price's online store and of course the bargain hunter in me came out so i found these cool this Toy SALE at Fisher Price. These are perfect gifts for kids, toddlers and infants and you wouldn't have to shell out so much money since they are on sale.

There's even a Doodle pro priced at only $3.49 and some discontinued toys. I just love all those Dora items on sale, (dolls and more) and when my niece will see them ahh for sure she'll ask me to buy it. Hurry up, toys are selling like hotcakes during this season. Check out then out now

Do you have bad credits?

Christmas is coming in no time and have you started buying all the gifts for your loved ones? If you’re gonna ask me, I have shopped yesterday but I have not finished it yet. Probably this coming weekend I can shop for gifts again and I am sure the malls will be jam-packed again with shoppers.

I know not many of us can pay with cash and still prefer to use their credit cards. I see no problem with that as long as you can pay your credits on time. And with the crisis going all over the world all of us our tightening our belts but holidays are coming so we need to spend a little. But what about those that have bad credits? Are they banned forever? Here’s a financial site that i found that can give you lots of information about bad credit credit cards. They have comprehensive info about bad credit cards, their interests and how to apply. In this way you can choose what you will get in the future. Feel free to contact them anytime and I know they are more than willing to help you out

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ang PINAKA: Patok na Christmas Bazaars

Wow it's Christmas soon and have you all started buying gifts for your loved ones? If not here's a list of bazaars that are still ongoing where you can find lots of good stuff at a lower price.

I've watched Ang Pinaka's episode last Sunday and here are their list of Ang PINAKA: Patok na Christmas Bazaars.
1. NOEL Discovery Bazaar- World Trade Center
2. Karl Edwards Int'l Bazaar - NBC Tent Muntinlupa
3. Cuenca CommunityBazaar - Ayala Alabang
4. Grand Bazaar - BIg Tent Commonwealth
5. The URBAN Bazaar - Rockwell Tent
6. Manila Ocean Park Bazaar - opens till Jan. 5
7. Cubao Expo Holiday Bazaar - Cubao, QC
8. Christmas Escapade Bazaar- OLD Balara , QC
9. The Shopping Spree Bazaar- GT Tower
10. Me and My Family Christmas Bazaar - Manila Post Office, Liwasang Bonifacio
Yay, I haven't been to any of these Bazaar as I frequent Greenhills Shopping Center in San Juan bec. it is much near to our place. Happy Shopping everyone!!