Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bag's Buddy Keepin' Your Bags organized

I am the type of a person who loves carrying a not so big bag for I always want to carry lots of stuff in it especially when I go out malling, meeting a friend or whatever. I just couldn't find tiny bag to carry all my abubots. I was watching an early morning show, I think few weeks ago when they are showing some Christmas gift ideas and they showed some bag organizers and i thought it is pretty interesting and very useful to have.
I was looking for an online seller online and i know there are many multiply sellers that are offering such so I Googled one and found this Bag's Buddy at http://bagsbuddy.multiply.com. Not quite sure how much it is bec. you need to pm the seller but with the looks of it , i guess it is affordable naman. I reckon this is also perfect for my bag since I can organize it bec. it has lots of pockets. This is also another gift idea that I found. (I hope the seller don't mind me posting a photo from their site)

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