Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Crocs Athens Thong Sandal

I have seen lots of people wearing CROCS andals lately that you can't even determine if what they are wearing are genuine Crocs or just fake ones due too rampant copying. You know when a product sells like hotcakes for sure enterprising individuals would always imitate it and sell it for a cheaper price.

There are many cheap fake ones in Greenhills tiangges sold for only P350+ and Divisoria mall would not be left behind crocs sandals like these would only be sold for only P250. Of course the quality is far more different from the original one bec. you could see that it is not well made and sometimes the glue is stickin' out of the soles.

Anyway, I wanted to buy one for myself and I prefer to have this Crocs Athens Thong Sandal that is perfect for comfy walking. I browsed online and saw at Amazon that it is only $20-29.00 each pair and that is a good deal.

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