Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Shopping

Hey all.. Are you all done with your Christmas shopping? I hope so bec. I am done with mine. I already wrapped some of them last night and will continue wrapping the rest tonight. I know up to this day there are still Christmas Shoppers rushing to buy gifts esp. those that have no time to do so. Malls will be closing late to accommodate them which is good for the shoppers and the malls since they can still generate sales.

Yesterday afternoon, I made my last purchase at a nearby SM mall and there are huge 50% off on Barbie bags and I was there right on time when the salesmen put all the stocks so I was able to grab 3 cute Barbie backpacks. It's a good steal bec. it is seldom that they put it on sale. I know the stocks are all gone by now. Anyway, it's Christmas in 3 days and I am wishing you all a

Credits: Elements by Michelle Coleman, L. Teague

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