Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Sunday Greenhills Shopping

I was suppose to go to Greenhills after lunch last Sunday but it was rescheduled because around lunch time, I was so excited to watch the boxing fight of Manny Pacquaio and Oscar dela Hoya online via the live streaming on the net. Thanks to that bec. we had he chance to know who will win and indeed our own Pacman brought the Golden boy down. After watching the fight online (eventhuogh it was a slow connection) I'm still satisfied so we waited it to be shown on our local TV. It was a good fight.

Anyway, I went out at around 3 pm already and there was a traffic already heading towards Greenhills area. As usual I strolled the tiangge and look for some good stuff to buy. I was able to buy myself a blouse which is on sale, 2 shoes from Shoe Box and a pair of brown skinny jeans. Hahaha all I got was for myself bec. I am meaning to buy shoes for the longest time.

I also purchased some CDRs and DVDs that I will sell here at my store and I also passed by the Crumpler camera bag again. I also looked for some laptops bec. that is my next projetc, wish I can buy one next year. I am eyeing HP pavillion but if my budget will not permit, I will just settle for Sony Vaio or Compacq Presario. I enjoyed it eventhough I was alone shopping.

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