Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Plus Size Shopping for Women

We always see those skinny fashion models making their way at the catwalk. If you have read my recent post about skinny models then you will rather wish you have more curves on your body than being regarded as anorexic or bulimic person who always try to look thin.

Plus size women most often than not are being ridiculed for being heavy and big. I am not hypocrite to say that I don’t look at them or give some side comments esp. when I saw too big and heavy women. I pity them of course and I know they have once exerted efforts trying to loose weight by exercising or even taking some Apidexin and some other alternatives. I have seen shops that carry plus size clothes and accessories. They have no reason not to be fashionable and chic too. I have seen some big women who can carry themselves well bec. they got great confidence in themselves.

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