Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SALE: Victoria's Secret Fragrances

You gotta love Victoria's Secret! I once received a Victoria's Secret Love Spell lotion from a relative in the US who came home for a vacation few years ago and it was my 1st time to use such product and it instantly made me fell in love with it's sweet fragrance. It's like I am enthralled by using it more open especially after taking a bath as the fragrance really lingers through the day.

While looking for some cheek gifts for my girlfriends, I remember Victoria's Secret and I am not disappointed bec. there are many gift items that I can say affordable to give us gifts. Fragrances are all time favorite choice of gifts for women as they are almost always used. Here are some of the items (SALE: Victoria's Secret Fragrances) that I recommend giving as gifts this holiday. They also have fragrances with free bags. This gift box is a good steal, just take a look, 6 mini bottles for only $29.50.

Orig. $40. Sale $29.50
Love spell
Buy More and Save: Special any 4/$20 or 8/$35., Body Lotion, $9., Body Mist, $9. Body Wash, $8.50. Hand and Body Cream, $9.50. Body Scrub, $9. Body Butter, $10. Bath Bubbles, $8.50.

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