Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shopping Confessions Contest: !!

Oh my gosh, Christmas is just few days away and have you finished you shopping already? It’s weekend again and most of the people will flock at the malls to buy gifts but my mom and sister in law went to a popular shopping market bec. of the low price that it offers but the down side is that the place is really jam-packed. I also need to finish my shopping by tomorrow for I will go at the mall.

With the rush that is going at the malls and bazaars some still prefer online shopping for convenience. I have friends who have shopped way too early so that their items will not be delayed bec. of the holiday rush. And what a perfect way to shop is when you have lots of money to spend. Oh BTW, found this cool contest online and it is called Shopping Confessions Video Contest. Anyone can win $1,500 every month just by making a video of your shopping confessions and uploading it on you tube. Grand prize will get $15,000 and that’s a lot of money to shop.

To learn more just watch this Video and you can register HERE and don’t forget to refer this blog, ok. Have fun shopping everyone!

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