Monday, February 23, 2009

GREENHILLS Shopping Center

PROJ. 365: Greenhills Shopping Center
Went to my fave shopping place yesterday after lunch to buy some CD and DVDs. I amazed with myself bec. I didn't bought anything else aside from the CD/DVD and underwear I was really controlling myself to shop, I was about to buy a shirt but my size is not available, good for me!

GREENHILLS is a popular place to shop for Cellphones, computers, jewelries like pearls, precious stones, export overruns, also bunch of fake items like crocs (tons of them there lol), LV and other designer bags (lots of foreigners and balikbayans shop there too), shirts/blouses and many more!!

I took this photo on top of the overpass (LOL) before going home just using my canon point and shoot cam cuz i don't want to bring my DSLR.

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