Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hongkong Disneyland in my mind!

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I guess everyone dreamed of going to Disneyland, so it's perfect that Hongkong opened one so that we Asians can go there w/o even applying for a visa. HK is just 2 hours away from us (of course by plane ride) and we are already thinking of taking a vacation there this year and we are really so excited esp. the kids. My mom too has always been dreaming to go to Hongkong in fact even if she is already 76 she still wants to travel and of course see this magical place plus I don't think she still needs to get a travel insurance to be there.

Ahhh i know my nieces and nephews will have a blast and I for one will have a blast shopping (i need to save!!!) I am already looking for good deals on fare prices and hotel on my local agency and we the date that we are targetting(Dec.) we should buy tickets early bec. it's peak season and holiday. We are really praying that this will push through, with God's help.

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  1. it will be good to buy early. Peak season usually sold off fast!