Sunday, March 22, 2009

File Extension Ppt

Microsoft Office users are surely familiar with Power Point as it is often used to make presentations and other layouts that we often see in school, business and other public presentations. It is a very powerful tool that Microsoft included in their Office edition. I guess it always come in package when you install your MS Office. The file name associated with it is the .ppt file extension or the file extension ppt which is used in MS Powerpoint 2003 and the earlier versions. Just in case you didn’t know, the new version now has the .pptx file extension.

You can however save it as .pps and it has believed that it will not harm your file and can still be open. However, as much as we wanted to there are time that these file extension PPT can’t be open, probably bec. of of the system registry that has been corrupted. T

If you are having problems opening your file extension ppt,  then you can download a Drivers Updating Software, that can fix your windows registry. You know over time we install and uninstall programs w/o us knowing that it can affect our windows registry and later on our computer slows down and much worse it freezes and will not read some file extension. A clean registry will do the trick.

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