Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Everyday Minerals Sample Kit

Sample EM in cute little cointainers
PROJECT 365: Everyday Minerals
The Everyday Minerals Sample Kit (http://www.everydayminerals.com/)that I ordered online arrived on Thurs. and it took about 14 days to arrive, which is understandable bec. its overseas. I was so excited to open the small packet and inside were cute little sample bottles of EM.
It consists of

3 foundation (2 olive medium and golden medium),

1 blusher (walkee talkee), and

1 concealer.

I tried the foundation and the blusher this morning and I am amazed with the smooth finish that it gives, much much better than the flaky Maybelline powder foundation that i have. I was excited to test it, i tried the blusher but it looks a bit pale on me, i think i should put more next time. I will also take pics of me soon with make up on, can't wait!!

Actually I am not a makeup person but now I have this good product I might put a little bit every now and then.. hehe
Get your sample kit today at everydayminerals.com, you can choose your own color.. I only paid the shipping of $4.55.


  1. I want to get the sample din, is it all yours na ba, Jen, or you have to return it pa? I ordered a free trial ng raw minerals kaso I ended up keeping everything and had to pay almost $200.00 dollars. With this one here, baka pwede ma keep, so my sisters and I would like to try it. Thanks for sharing this info. I'll be back for the pic!

  2. it's all your na Ana. you don't need to return it.. Try it bec. it's just affordable