Thursday, April 30, 2009

Steal Lindsay Lohan's Fashion/ Dress Up like Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan
Hmm the very controversial and one most talked about celeb in Hollywood Lindsay Lohan is also one of an icon in fashion and here you can Steal Lindsay Lohan's Fashion/ Dress Up like Lindsay Lohan.
Oh this one looks like a perfect match. Love the blouse!
Lindsay Lohan
NOTE: But I guess you don't want to steal the SKELETAL figure of Lindsay Lohan after her breakup with Sam few days ago. (read that they are back again)

Sexy Clothing

Every women need to feel sexy eventhough one will not wear any plunging blouse or micro mini skirts just to be called sexy. There are many ways to feel sexy and for some ladies who are more adventurous and outright on their femininity they opt to show it off. Why not? Like what they say, if you have it flaunt it! I have seen and have known women who are not afraid to dress sexy in public. If you are confident about wearing one then go for it, just don’t let anyone notice that you are feeling awkward about it bec. it will show. Ahhh I just hate to see women who wore sexy or skimpy clothes who are obviously pulling their skirts down bec. it is too short. If they will do it, they should have not worn that in the 1st place.

Anyway, as a women sometimes I feel sexy even just wearing a nice lacy brassiere and one way of jazzing up our undergarments for a hot or steamy session with our man is through  sexy costumes. There should (if possible) be no boring times in the bedroom, I reckon.

I found this shop online if you need some  sexy dresses, costumes and lots more at Vixen’s Visions. Just some of the products that they have are bikinis/ swimsuits, elegant long dresses, boots, sexy clubwear, they even have accessories to go with it. As I go along browsing the site, I learned that their products are made of best and quality materials that we women want, some are microfiber, mesh, vinyl, sheer, satin, leather and lace, PVC, fishnet and stretch jersey. They have myriad of sexy collections that you can look into and you can even speed up your search of a product by just using their search filed that they have provided.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Contemporary Office Furniture

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Office Furniture Concepts offers quality office needs for small and large businesses. They have wide range of office furniture from chairs, desks, filling cabinets or storage, cubicles/workstations and whole lot more. If you are going to buy by bulk, then you can avail of their quantity discounts wherein you can save a lot. All of their prices already includes shipping and handling so you need not worry about it. Check them out and browse among their furniture etc.

Monday, April 27, 2009

SM Megamall 3 Day Sale plus one extra for Labor Day Weekend May 2009

Hey you shopaholics, get ready for another big SM Megamall 3-Day Sale plus one extra for Labor Day Weekend that's going to happen. I remember I used to go there whenever there is a sale. Just a reminder, there'll be lots of people so be sure to keep an eye on your kids so that they will not get lost. If you can don't bring kids anymore. Not only that watch out for pickpockets and long lines to the cashier!!

Sale is up to 50% on selected items. SALE will be on April 30- May, 1, 2, 3 2009. Happy Shopping everyone!! I guess i'll be there in the weekend.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Cost of a Hair Transplant/ Hair Transplant Prices/ Hair Restoration

We all know that our hair is our crowning glory but what if one day you’ll notice that it is thinning? I know this is daunting and most men feared of loosing their hairs bec. they are usually the ones who always experienced it. There are many factors why people experienced thinning or balding, stress in one and I am guessing this is also hereditary. My dad who got bald at an early age was shy enough to show it so he uses a wig. I saw how uncomfortable he was when he was wearing that and there are times when rashes appear on his head bec. of this. I wish I already know about hair transplant that time so that I could have at least suggested it to him.

These days, more men are undergoing this procedure and I have seen few of our local celebrities who are vocal about having undergone such. We can only ask how much is the cost of a procedure bec. for some that can’t afford it will just leave their hairs balding if it is too costly. Prices ranges from e $2,500 to $9,000.

Lindsay Lohan's Skeletal Figure after breakup with Sam/ Lindsay Lohan's Skeletal Figure after loosing too much Weight

Holly Molly .. I was so stunned to see these images of Lindsay Lohan while I was browsing Hollywood celebrity updates. These photos are taken while she was shopping and look at Lindsay Lohan's Skeletal Figure after loosing too much weight. At first I thought the photos were photoshopped but you could read lots of buzz about Lindsay Lohan's Skeletal Figure all over the news. Could she be also suffering from an eating disorder? We could only speculate, all I can say is that her too much weight loss is kinda alarming.
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Porcelain Veneers for More Beautiful Smile

I've been browsing fashion and celebrity sites and just looking at them so gorgeous, neat and looks almost flawless makes me want to wish that even their slightest great features will be mine. They are always smiling for the fans as if they don't have worries in the world. That reminds me that I need to see my dentist asap. I've been wanting to set an appointment with the dentist for many months now but it has always slipped my mind and in my do list. I need to have my teeth cleaned and some teeth need to have tooth re-filling so that I'll have more confidence in smiling.

Some people are just lucky to have set of beautiful teeth but these days anyone can already achieve that with advanced dental technology. Just take a look at those Hollywood celebrities beaming their biggest smiles, thanks to their dentists 'cuz for sure they did the wonders for them. One of the most popular procedure is the porcelain veneers,these are thin, handcrafted shells that is put on teeth. It can be pricey but you can certainly found best prices for porcelain veneers these days.

Earth Day Essentials Green-On-The-Go Kit by Josie Maran

We always wanted to look good by putting make up but little we know it is putting our skin in danger if we are using make up with harsh chemicals on it. There are people who have no choice but put make up on bec. they need to look presentable when they go to work.
Image Hosted by
Make up users need to look for make up that will not damage our skin but as well as eco-friendly. Found this Earth Day Essentials Green-On-The-Go Kit by Josie Maran sold at for about $98 Value. It is all natural and biodegradable unlike other products.
The kit includes:
100% Organic Argan Oil (3-5 uses) - 0.14oz Plumping Lip Gloss in Daring (sheer shimmering rosy nude) - 0.12oz Cream Blush in Sunrise (soft pink) - 0.17oz Mascara in Black - 0.04 oz Eye Liner in Black

Buy Used Books & Help Save the Environment

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I remember when I was in college we normally buy second hand books along the outskirts of Recto so that we can save a lot for our schooling. We are just being practical because we have subjects that need books but we end up not using it often. In fact, there are times that I asked some of my friends who already finished that subject so that I can also borrow their books. It's summer vacation in our side now but there are some college students who need to take up summer classes to advance on their courses while some who failed need to take it twice.

There are also more and more book shops who are buying and selling used books online and offline. I guess they have more wider customers who needed to have used books that are still of quality. Found and they offer myriad collections of used textbooks, very affordable and cheap. Everyone seems to be conscious about the environment theses days, so we help a little bit buying used textbooks. Not many trees will be cut off to make papers and that is a good deed for the environment plus you save money.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Go Green / Shop Green

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I know you all love shopping and what if I told you that shopping online can do our environment good? Yes, in a recent Green Study by Carnegie Mellon University's Green Design Institute, it is found out that if you shop online, you decrease the use of energy and their is a reduced emission of carbon dioxide at up to 35%. That is compared to if we shop on a traditional stores that we love.

Aha.. so you online shoppers addicts keep those mouse clicking bec. you can save gas, you save time plus sometimes you can get more discounts. Hmmm, I guess I want to shop online tonight!

New from Swarovski D:light Bracelet Watch!

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Swarovski ( just released it's new style of watch the D:light Bracelet Watch! perfect for every fashionista. What makes it so unique is that one touch of a button the crystals will light up and the time will be revealed. This fashionable bracelet will become a cool, sleek, stylish and elegant watch. Prices ranges from $1,500 - $1,700.

Accdg. to Swarovski:
D:light – stating your style with extravagance As Swarovski’s watch collection debuts at the prestigious Baselworld, D:light is an instant highlight. With this watch, Swarovski has – for the first time – developed and launched its own movement using a unique crystal setting technique to blend avant-garde design and precision.

The idea was to design a watch with crystals where light is the main player indicative of time. The design team came up with new ideas of creativity and innovation to artistically fashion D:light.

The final result: a watch that gives pure pleasure. Both contemporary and futuristic, D:light shows you dare!

Hot Buys: Unlocked Cellphones on SALE!

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Here are just some of the Unlocked Cellphones that are on SALE! You can use an unlocked phone on various GSM-compatible carriers worldwide. I've been using Nokia phones so if ever I will replace my old one I'm leaning towards a Nokia once again.
Image Hosted by
But wait, this HP iPAQ 910 Business Messenger Unlocked GSM Cell Phone is also way too cool coz it's fully loaded with features. It has Windows Mobile Pro with touch screen display, GPS, bluetooth, quad band, wifi, video and lots more. I am drooling over it. now You can purchase them at where you can find affordable prices.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Be a Wise Shopper!

Ahhh.. recession is always the word of the mouth for many of us lately. How can you not be so worried when many of your friends and relatives are losing their jobs and left without a work? Most feared how can they pay for their apartment rental, insurances, credit card bills and more. Good thing there's an affordable life insurance that anyone can get, we want to save a little so getting an affordable one on many things are always practical.

Shopping wise, any one can be a wise shopper, just a tip, DON'T shop when you are depressed for you might just end up buying something that you really don't need and like. When you go to the grocery, make a list on things that you will buy so that you'll not miss something. I also read that you must not shop when you are hungry bec. you'll end up buying in a hurry.

Taylor Swift Clothing Line/ Taylor Swift Fashion/Style

Ahhh.. my 2 teenage niece are going head over heels over Taylor Swift, the American country-pop singer-songwriter. Actually they wanted to copy her hairstyle bec. they are loving the soft wavy curls that she has.

Taylor Swift has an affordable clothing line that can be bought at Walmart and also at Amazon. She is design for L.E.I Clothing, Taylor Swift Clothing Line is called “This is L.E.I. Country”
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Olukai Sandals/ Olukai Flip Flops

Image Hosted by
I am a sandals wearer and what I always look for in it is of course comfort everytime I use. Nothing feels good when you are walking with a comfortable footwear. I just hate it when my shoes/sandals is giving me foot aches, I easily get upset with that. Aside from that it need to have quality even though I'll pay a little bit extra for that. I've found this Olukai Sandals or Flip Flops and I love this.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

New York City Sightseeing/Tours

It would have been nice if I can or my family can travel to the US to visit our relatives there. All of my dad’s siblings and their family are there already and I know they have open arms to accommodate us there. I remember when my older brother visited LA few years back, they’ve been touring him to Las Vegas, Disney land and tourist spots there.

They (my relatives) have also told us about their upcoming NY trip and I know there are so excited to go to the Big Apple. The famous city boasts of so many activities, shopping places and tourist’s spots. I need to share this website that I saw online where they can avail of different tour packages in NY. The double-decker bus ride will surely be one of their must do while in NY for they can have the best view of the City on top of the bus.

Just some of the things to do while in NY is the helicopter tours, harbor cruises, museum visits, shopping day trips (love, love this!!) and at night it’ll be amazing to see the famous Manhattan skyline. At City Sights, they offer affordable New Yorik sightseeing packages that will suit your budget and places that you wanted to see.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Steal Mary Kate Olsen's Bag/ Fashion

Bagaholics out there (I know there's a lot) would always try to have the designer bags celebrities are carrying. But why pay for thousand of dollars to have that kind of bag when in fact you can have a similar bag at an affordable price?

Just take a look at Mary Kate Olsen's Prada bag, you can
Steal Mary Kate Olsen's Bag buy having this Black Robertina Fringe Faux Leather Tote for only $54.99 at Accessory Bug !!! Yep, I'm not kidding! It is Prada inspired and can be yours at just affordable price.. What a chic find! Sometimes we don't need to shell out hefty sum of money to have a fabulous bag, a little research and going to Accessory Bug will do the trick.

Ohh BTW, you can get more discount if you use this coupon code: spring09 for additional 10% off any purchase. Don't forget, the offer will end May 31st.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

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