Monday, April 20, 2009

Be a Wise Shopper!

Ahhh.. recession is always the word of the mouth for many of us lately. How can you not be so worried when many of your friends and relatives are losing their jobs and left without a work? Most feared how can they pay for their apartment rental, insurances, credit card bills and more. Good thing there's an affordable life insurance that anyone can get, we want to save a little so getting an affordable one on many things are always practical.

Shopping wise, any one can be a wise shopper, just a tip, DON'T shop when you are depressed for you might just end up buying something that you really don't need and like. When you go to the grocery, make a list on things that you will buy so that you'll not miss something. I also read that you must not shop when you are hungry bec. you'll end up buying in a hurry.

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