Thursday, April 23, 2009

Buy Used Books & Help Save the Environment

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I remember when I was in college we normally buy second hand books along the outskirts of Recto so that we can save a lot for our schooling. We are just being practical because we have subjects that need books but we end up not using it often. In fact, there are times that I asked some of my friends who already finished that subject so that I can also borrow their books. It's summer vacation in our side now but there are some college students who need to take up summer classes to advance on their courses while some who failed need to take it twice.

There are also more and more book shops who are buying and selling used books online and offline. I guess they have more wider customers who needed to have used books that are still of quality. Found and they offer myriad collections of used textbooks, very affordable and cheap. Everyone seems to be conscious about the environment theses days, so we help a little bit buying used textbooks. Not many trees will be cut off to make papers and that is a good deed for the environment plus you save money.

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