Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New from Swarovski D:light Bracelet Watch!

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Swarovski ( just released it's new style of watch the D:light Bracelet Watch! perfect for every fashionista. What makes it so unique is that one touch of a button the crystals will light up and the time will be revealed. This fashionable bracelet will become a cool, sleek, stylish and elegant watch. Prices ranges from $1,500 - $1,700.

Accdg. to Swarovski:
D:light – stating your style with extravagance As Swarovski’s watch collection debuts at the prestigious Baselworld, D:light is an instant highlight. With this watch, Swarovski has – for the first time – developed and launched its own movement using a unique crystal setting technique to blend avant-garde design and precision.

The idea was to design a watch with crystals where light is the main player indicative of time. The design team came up with new ideas of creativity and innovation to artistically fashion D:light.

The final result: a watch that gives pure pleasure. Both contemporary and futuristic, D:light shows you dare!

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