Sunday, April 12, 2009

New York City Sightseeing/Tours

It would have been nice if I can or my family can travel to the US to visit our relatives there. All of my dad’s siblings and their family are there already and I know they have open arms to accommodate us there. I remember when my older brother visited LA few years back, they’ve been touring him to Las Vegas, Disney land and tourist spots there.

They (my relatives) have also told us about their upcoming NY trip and I know there are so excited to go to the Big Apple. The famous city boasts of so many activities, shopping places and tourist’s spots. I need to share this website that I saw online where they can avail of different tour packages in NY. The double-decker bus ride will surely be one of their must do while in NY for they can have the best view of the City on top of the bus.

Just some of the things to do while in NY is the helicopter tours, harbor cruises, museum visits, shopping day trips (love, love this!!) and at night it’ll be amazing to see the famous Manhattan skyline. At City Sights, they offer affordable New Yorik sightseeing packages that will suit your budget and places that you wanted to see.

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