Saturday, April 4, 2009

Steal Mary Kate Olsen's Bag/ Fashion

Bagaholics out there (I know there's a lot) would always try to have the designer bags celebrities are carrying. But why pay for thousand of dollars to have that kind of bag when in fact you can have a similar bag at an affordable price?

Just take a look at Mary Kate Olsen's Prada bag, you can
Steal Mary Kate Olsen's Bag buy having this Black Robertina Fringe Faux Leather Tote for only $54.99 at Accessory Bug !!! Yep, I'm not kidding! It is Prada inspired and can be yours at just affordable price.. What a chic find! Sometimes we don't need to shell out hefty sum of money to have a fabulous bag, a little research and going to Accessory Bug will do the trick.

Ohh BTW, you can get more discount if you use this coupon code: spring09 for additional 10% off any purchase. Don't forget, the offer will end May 31st.

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