Saturday, May 30, 2009

Western Digital My Passport Essential 500GB External Harddrive

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I have been meaning to buy EHD for myself because I have been losing space on my computer because of too much files that I have. Finally bought an External harddrive last weekend and I bought this Western Digital My Passport Essential 500 GB External Harddrive for only Php5,400 (around US$113)in Virramall Greenhills (actually i forgot the name of the store).
Accdg. to Amazon

+ Nice portable form factor that easily connects via USB
+ USB powered, no A/C required, which is great for portability
+ Works well on Windows Vista, XP and Mac OS X
+ Easy to set up disk encryption for security and privacy
+ Nice looks, and cool color options for those that care about that
+ Turns on and off with your computer or easily ejected via system tray
+ Easy plug-and-play installation
+ Integrates nicely with my growing stable of WD MyBook drives
+ Included software may be useful for some novices
+ Drives are sufficiently durable holding up to normal use over time
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I looked around and that is the lowest price that they have there and I was in awe when I saw the 1TB Western Digital external Hard drive is of the same price. I just bought the 500 gb because I need a more portable and light weight one and that don't need a power supply. 

SALE: Wide V-Neck Sweater

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I browsed my fave online store today in search of a good find and deals once again and look what I have found. This Wide V-Neck Sweater from caught my eyes, I love the color but I was thinking about the style and fitting because I am guessing it will hug my waistline. I am not confident with my body right now, that sometimes the best fat burners products come to my mind.

Anyway, I guess the sweater will still look good on me and with the price of $5.99 form the orig price of $14.00, it's a good steal already. I'll be browsing more and when I find more good deals I'll let you all know.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

SALE: MP3 Players

What is world without music? I myself love music that I never failed to listen to it anytime of the day. Music sets the mood, I remember when I'm in my senti mode, I listen to sappy and mushy loves songs that sometimes it makes me cry. Fast and dance songs would definitely make me groove and to strut my body. Cleaning the house while listening to the music would make it easier for me to the chores. It’s also nice to work out, do jogging or walking with the ipod stuck in my ears, a great company I can say.

One of the most popular gadgets these days are MP3 players and it now comes in different styles, features and colors that will suit your needs and liking. Just take a look at these
MP3 players that you can purchase at for an affordable prices. These are perfect for your music, videos and pictures.

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There’s the (left to right images)
~SanDisk 16GB Sansa View MP3 Player priced at $ 153
~8GB Microsoft Zune Digital Media Player that you can buy for $128
~16GB Silver Apple iPod Nano (4th Generation)for only $179.99. There are actually lots of brands and styles to choose from the site.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

All GAP Kids Swimsuits 50% off

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Summer is just around the corner and what else you think about when it is summer? Beaches and Vacations!! It's always fun to head to the beach and enjoy the sun with the kids and your whole family. Going there is not complete if you will not bring your gears. GAP is heaving another SALE All GAP Kids Swimsuits are 50% off so head at their store before hitting the beach. Have fun!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

SALE: Massive Stock Clearance on Bathroom Supplies!

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I've been browsing samples of dream houses online and it gives me inspirations and ideas that hopefully I can incorporate them when it's already my time to build my own dream house. I have also been to display homes and I was in awe bec. of their architectural designs functionality of each room.

Aside from living rooms, one of the most used and abused room in our house are comfort rooms, so we should make it a point to have it cleaned and make it more comfortable. I guess some of you are not keen on cleaning the bathrooms but if we put correct tiles and other accessories in it and have discipline in using it then I guess cleaning will be a swift chore.

Anyway, I have found massive clearance sale stocks of bathroom tiles, mirrors, lightings, heaters, shower systems and lots more for our bathrooms at They are the UK's fastest growing bathroom company online that offers quality and contemporary bathroom stuff. With the on-going sale that they are having right now, I am sure that you’ll find what you will need in a great price. Just imagine the 3000 products that you can choose from, you ‘ll find their online store easy to navigate and with photos that will make it easier for you to select and have an idea about the product.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Keen on Shopping but.....

I really wanted to go shopping tomorrow but don't know if I can bec. I am not feeling well right now. I wanted to buy an external hard disk bec. my desktop's space is really really almost full, actually it has already red warnings on it. I have tons of digi photos coz I am doing the Project 365 or the Photo a Day project that I will be scrapping and have printed so I run out of space already. I am not sure why I am feeling bloated and my body feels so heavy today. Oh I guess I am actually gaining weight that I think I already need to read Lipofuze review. Hmmm maybe also because of the changing weather that we have right now that is why I'm not feeling well. I just hope that I will feel a lot more better tomorrow so I can go out and shop and treat myself for awhile.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hot Belt Buckles at its Best

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I love shopping and one of my favorite things to buy aside from bags and watches are belts. They are not only functional but they are fashionable as well. I am very sure that all of us have belts and sometimes we are too picky to get the right one for us. Fashion keeps evolving and I remember in the 80’s I am wearing those double belts on my hips on top of my stripes and loud colored shirts. Funny to reminisce but they are the “in” fashion that time but fashion keeps on coming back but with a different twists. Belts came in bigger sizes, with rhinestones, bigger buckles, colors, stripes and so on.

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For a funkier and western-style belts, I have seen some who love to wear those big buckles Since this is a shopping/fashion blog, I then searched for nice and great finds online that shoppers can go to. I found this site Hot Buckles that offers myriad collections of belt buckles, browsing through their gallery proved to be overwhelming bec. they have great designs with different categories like skulls, eagles, with rhinestones, for (women, men/kids), cross, religious and lots more. Not only that they also accept made to order custom belt buckles for your companies or events.

If you are really sucker for photos and want to have it on your belts then for sure they will not hesitate to make it only for you and that custom photos images buckles will be shipped within 3-7 days upon order and payment. I don’t mind waiting that long as long as I have my customized one. If customized buckles is not you thing but opted for fun licensed characters then I know you’ll like the designs that they have like: batman, spiderman, betty boop, transformers just to name a few. Just check out to see and learn more about their products.

SALE: Victoria's Secret Bikini/Swimsuits

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Summer is here and get out and head to the beach. Perfect for showing off your curves again and these Victoria's Secret Bikini/Swimsuits that is on sale will defintely make head turns. there's a 25-40% off on their swimsuit. You can even buy swimwear for as low as $15.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's Safe to be Sure

Have been noticing lately that things are not the same anymore? Climate wise, there is really a huge change and experts have been telling it to us now. It is true bec. lately our summer has turned into a rainy one and it’s only this year that we have experienced that. I hope we can still stop the climate change and the global warming that is the major concerns of every nation. Lately, the world is stunned once again with the deadly swine flu that has cost already more than 5,000 lives in 33 countries around the globe. In our country we are still free from the swine flu but there are many similar cases that our health officers are monitoring. I just hope it will not spread anymore bec. lives are taken in just few days.

Now, with all those that are happening to our world plus all the stress that we are getting in life each day, we can say that we are vulnerable to all life’s uncertainties. We are never too safe even though we’ll do our best to be healthy and safe. So we must live our lives to the fullest bec. we never know when is our time. One of the ways to be secure if not total is by getting term life insurance . There’s nothing like a peace of mind knowing that our loved ones will benefit from it when we are not there anymore

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SALE: Sephora Color Play Palette

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This SEPHORA Color Play Palette which is originally value of $120 is sold at only $22 and it's a great steal. The set contains:
- 36 eyeshadows
- 12 lip glosses
- 3 blushes
- bronzer
- 3 applicators

SALE: Chandeliers at Lighting Showplace

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There's a sale going on at Lighting Showplace and their chandeliers are one of them. Just choose among their stylish and contemporary designs that you can choose from. It's always nice to put nice lighting pieces at our homes. For more savings you can use this coupon code: LSPGLD upon checkout! All items are free shipping if you purchase $75 up.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Custom Designed Gazebos

Ahhh I've always been a sucker for gazebos that when my brother built one in front of their house, I was really excited over it. It is where we relax, entertain friends or just do about anything we want. The wind was cool there every early morning and afternoon that is why, my mom loves to sit on the rocking chair while reading her fave news paper.

I am actually recommending my sis to build a gazebo of their and and now i found a custom designed
gazebo kits at Summer Wood products that will be perfect for their yard.

Armani Exchange Oversized Wrap Frame Sunglasses

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I dunno bout you but I always see to it that when I go out of the house I always wear my sunglasses bec. my eyes are so sensitive with sun's rays. I am actually looking for a repalcement for my Oakley sungallses and I've found this Armani Exchange Oversized Wrap Frame Sunglasses by Armani over at NORDSTROM. It only costs $70.00

# 100% UV protection, Resin. It is available in 3 colors (black, violet and brown)

Jessica Simpson on Vanity Fair's June 2009 Issue

One of the most often criticized celebrities in Hollywood about their weight issue is none other done Jessica Simpson. When she gained weight she'll be noticed and now she has trim and firm figure she's talk of the town again. I am not sure what type of exercise, dieting or weight management she has undergone to achieve this new look of her, who knows she might be reading best fat burner reviews too.

Jessica Simpson on Vanity Fair's June 2009 Issue, photo courtesy of and she looked so great here.