Friday, May 15, 2009

Hot Belt Buckles at its Best

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I love shopping and one of my favorite things to buy aside from bags and watches are belts. They are not only functional but they are fashionable as well. I am very sure that all of us have belts and sometimes we are too picky to get the right one for us. Fashion keeps evolving and I remember in the 80’s I am wearing those double belts on my hips on top of my stripes and loud colored shirts. Funny to reminisce but they are the “in” fashion that time but fashion keeps on coming back but with a different twists. Belts came in bigger sizes, with rhinestones, bigger buckles, colors, stripes and so on.

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For a funkier and western-style belts, I have seen some who love to wear those big buckles Since this is a shopping/fashion blog, I then searched for nice and great finds online that shoppers can go to. I found this site Hot Buckles that offers myriad collections of belt buckles, browsing through their gallery proved to be overwhelming bec. they have great designs with different categories like skulls, eagles, with rhinestones, for (women, men/kids), cross, religious and lots more. Not only that they also accept made to order custom belt buckles for your companies or events.

If you are really sucker for photos and want to have it on your belts then for sure they will not hesitate to make it only for you and that custom photos images buckles will be shipped within 3-7 days upon order and payment. I don’t mind waiting that long as long as I have my customized one. If customized buckles is not you thing but opted for fun licensed characters then I know you’ll like the designs that they have like: batman, spiderman, betty boop, transformers just to name a few. Just check out to see and learn more about their products.

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