Saturday, May 16, 2009

Keen on Shopping but.....

I really wanted to go shopping tomorrow but don't know if I can bec. I am not feeling well right now. I wanted to buy an external hard disk bec. my desktop's space is really really almost full, actually it has already red warnings on it. I have tons of digi photos coz I am doing the Project 365 or the Photo a Day project that I will be scrapping and have printed so I run out of space already. I am not sure why I am feeling bloated and my body feels so heavy today. Oh I guess I am actually gaining weight that I think I already need to read Lipofuze review. Hmmm maybe also because of the changing weather that we have right now that is why I'm not feeling well. I just hope that I will feel a lot more better tomorrow so I can go out and shop and treat myself for awhile.

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