Sunday, June 28, 2009

Authentic Coach, Lacoste, Kenneth Cole, Ralph Lauren Bags/Wallets from US on Sale!

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Photos courtesy of FAYE
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My co-blogger/online friend Faye who is in the US is selling Authentic Coach, Lacoste, Kenneth Cole, Ralph Lauren Bags etc. on an affordable price. I actually bought an RL bag from her and a DKNY watch and i hope it will arrive soon 'coz I can't wait already hehe.

Check out FAYE'S flickr acct to see more of her stuff for sale and for sure you'll find something that will interest you.

Moving Boxes / Cheap Moving & Packing Boxes

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We all know that moving takes a lot of time and at times very difficult. The endless packing may be daunting especially if you don't have an extra help to do it with you. You also need big boxes to accomodate all your belongings and of course we want to make it sure that it is safe till it reach it's new destination. Thanks to packing and moving boxes that comes in various sizes to fit in your chinas, clothes, Cd/DVDs, books etc. If you need some cheap moving and packing boxes you can find them at

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rochester Medical Malpractice Lawyers/ Medical malpractice

Just in case you didn’t know I am a medical technologist by studies and I clearly remember when one of our head staff in the laboratory was caught in an incident when she wrongly tested the blood type of a blood that was about to be transfused to a patient. Lucky for her because the blood was retested before being used because if not she will immediately land in jail. I am not sure what her penalty is but I think she was grounded for several months.

How much more if it a very serious misdiagnosis of a certain ailment for sure it’ll be a major disaster. It’s pretty hard to be in a medical profession because lives of your patients are in your hands. If you are a victim of a medical malpractice, don’t be discouraged. You can sought legal help like that of Rochester medical malpractice attorney to hold your case and to stand you in court.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Something for your Kitchen

If you are like my sister who loves passing by the kitchen section of any department store then you’ve probably wanting to find new fine pieces that you can probably purchase. I remember one time when we are out, our time was spent mostly on looking on some nice decorative but functional plates. She found something similar to what she has in mind and she purchased it without much thinking. She found something like this and maybe if she has found this at much earlier then I’d guess she’d definitely love this.
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Her husband and her brother-in-law always love to have espresso coffee at home while there are talking. They have the stainless steel one but I think this red espresso maker would even make their coffee heaven to drink. I remember drinking espresso coffee for the 1st when I was in their house, it’s embarrassing to even tell that I asked for a milk because it was too strong haha.

Anyway, I’ve been browsing for sometime and their kitchen stuff suggestions are quite stylish and functional. You can check them out to find good ideas for your kitchen or even as a gifts. I think this nice Alessi kitchen fixture is worth buying.
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I'm Stylish, Are You?

That's what the quiz says about me. I might not be the most fashionable women but I have my sense of style that fits my personality. I don't want to dress something that I am not comfortable and that will not suit my character.
You look good, but you aren't trendy or over the top about it.
There's a good chance you know what works for you. You have an established look.You know how to dress well, but you may have trouble breaking out of your comfort zone. Try a new color or new accessory. Staying stylish is about trying new things and taking risks.

Are You Stylish?

Jazz Up Your Bedroom

Treat your room with the best and comfortable stuff that you can ever think of. It’s your sanctuary, the place where you sleep, think, meditate and it only deserves something that will make you feel like a queen or king. Our bedroom is also one of the most used places in our homes and a perfect haven to just laze around. If you are thinking of getting some ideas for your bedroom make-over or want to know where to buy nice accessories for your home then browsing is a ideal place to start. Find also the latest and contemporary designs when it comes to home improvement, shopping and lots more.
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I just found this nice Amenity Birdseye Organic Cotton Duvet Cover for modern and neat looking covers for our beds. I couldn’t help myself wish to have this in my room. Oh by the way, I wanted to buy some accent pillows on my bed and that will lead me to more shopping time. There are more than perfect pieces that anyone can purchase while browsing the site, your discerning taste for elegant stuff will come out naturally. Ahhhh couldn’t think of better thing to do right now but to go shopping.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DELL Inspiron 1420 Laptop

Dell Inspiron 1420
Dell Inspiron 1420
I finally bought myself a laptop with my hard earned money so I deserve to have one. Bought this 14" wide screen DELL Inspiron 1420 black cover at DELL store (Electroworld) at 4F SM NORTH annex

-Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T5850 (2.16GHz/667Mhz FSB/2MB cache)
-Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium Edition SP1
-2GB2 Shared Dual Channel DDR2 at 667MHz
-1600GB4 SATA Hard Drive (5400RPM)
CD / DVD writer (DVD+/-RW Drive)
-Video Card 128MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8400M GS

and more:

The only thing I didn't like about this model is the matte finish of the cover because it leaves fingerprints on it. I wanted to have the glossy one but it was not available in this model so I just got this anyway.
Dell Inspiron 1420 with A4tech freebies
It comes with a FREE A4tech retractable mouse and I asked if I can have the headset for free and they said yes.. so I am happy with it.

KIM KARDASHIAN Sporting a Nice Bob Cut Hairstyle

KIM KARDASHIAN was sporting a nice bob cut. I actually didn’t recognize her at first glance. I was even appalled to see her sporting a short bob cut hairstyle because in my opinion she looks gorgeous with her long black hair. Actually she did not have a haircut and it’s actually just a wig. Oh yes, I almost got fooled and maybe you too. Anyway, hair stylist Ken Paves did this make-over for her and I think it is brilliant. It’s for Oprah’s O magazine photo shoot.

I’ve always admired Kim’s shapely body and with the looks of it she is really working hard to get into shape. I am not quite sure if in the past she had even considered taking Fastin if she needed one in the first place. I browsed her Kim Kardashian’s blog a bit and saw a post about being in the cover of Muscle & Fitness Hers magazine and her preparation involves going to the gym to get the body fit to grace the cover of a magazine.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Steal Leighton Meester's Style / Look

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Popular Gossip girl LEIGHTON MEESTER as Blair Waldorf has always been a favorite of mine when it comes to fashion. Just how many fans went ga-ga over her stylish dressing and not to forget her famous headbands?

In this photo she is seen wearing cutouts and mesh dress style by Emilio de la Morena. Just take a look at her knockout purple ankle boots, only as stylish and classy as her can pull this off. I love her nice smile and her shapely body added more finesse. It got me thinking what kind of fitness workout she is into and if she is taking weight loss pills to keep in shape. I reckon celebs are sometimes pressured to always look good in front of many fans.

Anyways, you can steal Leighton Meester's Style/Look with these stuff.

NINE WEST Store Robinsons Galleria

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Ahhh it's been ages since I last bought my Nine West bag and actually I already gave it to my mom but she only uses it on special occasions. I only got to keep the Nine West keychain and the cellphone holder. What I like about Nine West bags or other branded or desigenrs bags is that they have quality leather that will last for years. If I have enough savings I wanted to buy Nine West bags again. You can fine NINE WEST Store at Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas at the second floor.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Custom/Personalized Water Bottles, Promotional Water Bottles

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I always refill fresh water in my water bottle before I start my day here at my store. Actually it’s a free water bottle from Cadbury when we bought tons of chocolates at the Duty Free Shopping Mall near the airport.

Many companies have been giving away free stuff like that when you purchased many items from them. As a customer it’s fun to get one, at least we’ve been give a token for our continued patronage. It’s also a good promotional tactic on the part of the companies to give away items likecustom water bottles
, shirts, pens and more because their logo are printed on those items. Should you be needing promotional items then check out, you can even avail of their sale now.

Online Auctions

Hey there shopping aficionados and bargain hunters. I know you have been meaning to shop last weekend and looking for great deals and of course something affordable but with quality for you to get hold. I went shopping myself last weekend at the mall and I got a pretty good deal on my purchase. I will be sharing about the gadget that I bought in my separate post.

Anyway, I've found whilst browsing for designer bags and I was glued to the site as it has online auctions going on. I checked on the items being auctioned and there are quite a lot that my eyes feasted over them. There were designer women’s clothing, electronic gadgets just to name a few. Check out the site to see lots of items.