Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Steal Leighton Meester's Style / Look

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Popular Gossip girl LEIGHTON MEESTER as Blair Waldorf has always been a favorite of mine when it comes to fashion. Just how many fans went ga-ga over her stylish dressing and not to forget her famous headbands?

In this photo she is seen wearing cutouts and mesh dress style by Emilio de la Morena. Just take a look at her knockout purple ankle boots, only as stylish and classy as her can pull this off. I love her nice smile and her shapely body added more finesse. It got me thinking what kind of fitness workout she is into and if she is taking weight loss pills to keep in shape. I reckon celebs are sometimes pressured to always look good in front of many fans.

Anyways, you can steal Leighton Meester's Style/Look with these stuff.

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  1. I love her! Too bad I can't view the photo te Jen -- dzoi