Thursday, July 9, 2009

FTA Receiver Support and more

Owning satellite TV can be awesome. Just imagine having tons of channels on your TV but sometimes technology fails too, there is down time as they say. When that happens you can always look for help at N2News. They have been supporting FTA (free to air) receiver owners how to install it properly. Not only that, they have been a great source of FTA Files or software, 24 hour live customer support, FTA Receiver guides and tutorials. They have has all the new fixes for almost all types of receivers like NeoSat, SonicView, Vortex just to name a few. Now you will not have a hard time cramming to find a support that can help you out with your FTA problems.

They have different kinds of membership options that you can avail of. That include 1 month (50 % off now and that is only $5.99), 3-months, 1 yr. and if you want Life time membership. Once a member you’ll have instant access to just some of the free instruction on how to install FTA receiver or Dongle / IHub system. Once a member you can have the opportunity to access over 3500 different TV Channels using your Free to Air satellite in the comforts of your home. A great deal isn’t it?

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