Monday, August 31, 2009

Cheap Baby Shower Invitations

Organizing a baby shower should be fun. It’s not just a simple gathering of girlfriends’ giving gifts for the moms-to-be but a joyful get together to welcome the coming of a little precious bundle of joy. Baby shower games add fun to the occasion so make sure to include them in your party.

You’ll find online stores of help in finding baby shower invites to send on your guests. Just order early so that you have an ample time to pick the perfect design for your invitations baby shower. Just take note of the affordable prices of Baby shower invites at Cards Shoppe and not only that if you modify your cards there’ll be no extra cost on your part. Your cards can also be previewed before you buy and to top it all shipping is free.

Sale: TV Stands

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If your are looking for tv stands, then head over at Stands and Mounts. No matter what size of TV you have, you'll find a stand that will fit in it. Take advantage of their on-going Weekend Sale at 5% off, that is on all items. Just use Discount Code 121516 upon checkout. Choose among their wide selection of TV stands that will perfectly match in your place.

Dimensione's Warehouse SALE

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Christmas is fast approaching so there's lots of upcoming sale and bazaars. Avoid the Christmas rush. Mark your calendars for Dimensione's Warehouse SALE at up to 70% OFF

Where: 3F of Dimensione Bonifacio High Street, Global City Taguig
When: August 14 to September 20, 2009.
Time: Sundays to Thursdays, 11am to 10pm and Fridays & Saturdays, 11am to 11pm.

SALE on FURNITURE, Home accessories and more 

Sunday, August 30, 2009

RV Warranty

It’s always a delight to own a vehicle where we can use it every where we go. Just imagine the endless service that it can bring to your especially if you own an RV vehicle. An out of town vacation is perfect when you are comfortable. Just make sure if you’ll buy an RV it should come with an rv warranty so that you are rest assured that if you found something defective in it you can ask them to fix it. Also buy at a reputable car dealers.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Affordable Baby Invites

Choosing for the right invitations baby shower cards can be a breeze if you scour the net for possible ideas. There are practically hundreds of printable baby shower invitations that you can order online at the comforts of your homes. You don’t need to go to your local printing shop and order because you can easily place an order online. Thanks to their in-house designers for they have lots of designs to choose from. Aside from wide array of designs, you can instantly preview your orders via their instant preview.

Baby shower invitations from Cards-411 can be personalized, so rest assured that if you like a photo to be inserted or modified they can execute it. Get free baby shower invitations as well if your order reaches their minimum. Just to let you know shipping is also for free.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Choose the Best Web Host

Who would have thought that we’ll come to this day and age where computers, gadgets and Internet will become part of our everyday lives? Just when the Internet rises people are very optimistic and keen on what it will offer us. Indeed, it surprises us with a lot of things and opens our eyes to the world of the World Wide Web. Everyday transactions from bill payments, shopping and other means are done using the computer and the net. We are already inseparable with these bec. it is part of our lives already.

More and more companies have also have seen the effectiveness of the internet when it comes to showcasing or introducing their services and products to their clients around the globe. Websites became the frontage of their company so seek the help of web designers and web developers to put up a website for their company, a good move indeed.

A website must also have a good web host because you don’t want your website to be down all the time that can shoo away your customers and would be clients. There are many reviews online where you can get some ideas and insights on what webhosting is good. You can even ask a friend of yours if they have used that certain webhost so you can compare notes. Choose wisely.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Personalized Birth Announcements Galore

Babies’ arrivals are always awaited and now that she/he is finally here it is but appropriate to let your family and friends know about your new happiness. Parents could not contain their happiness and sending birth announcements are always exciting.

Four Seasons Bazaar at the Vue (Sept- Dec. '09)

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Hey there shop-aholics! 
Mark your calendars now for Four Seasons Bazaar at the Bellevue Manila. Bazaars galore on Sept. 26-27, Oct. 24-26, Nov. 21-22 and on Dec. 12-13, 2009. It includes ready to wear clothes, baby clothes, novelty items, jewelries, houseware and whole lot more.

Christmas is coming so every one will be on the look out for gifts again and this is the perfect time to shop. For more details you can visit: 

Blog Renovation

Hey guys please excuse my clutter here.
I'm changing my blog's color theme and would probably change the header too. 

Monday, August 24, 2009

Home Decors to Spice Up Your Homes

Isn’t it always great when you have all the luxury in the world to decorate your space? Aside from shopping, beautifying our homes is simply enjoyable for us women. I always love adding few pieces in the house in replacement for old decors to go it with the ever changing style on home improvements. We just also must know that not all furniture that we see online or in any shops will all be perfect for our homes. It should be matching on the other furniture that you already have or else your house will look like a big mess or clutter.

Here are some home furnsihings that you can find at Style Hive that can spice up any room in your homes. Even a small lamp can do wonders in the living room, just figure out where it will fit in your homes. Decorating should not be expensive as well, just look around and browse online and for sure you’ll find great deals. Take for example these wall decors that are less than $100, it ca brighten up any wall without putting a hole in your pocket. Just find a perfect place in your home and hang it there, who knows it might be the center of talk when your friends come for a drink.
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vera Wang's Elegant Gowns & Wedding Invitations

If you are tying the knot and want to have a fabulous wedding then wedding gowns of vera wang will surely capture your attention. Vera Wang is an American fashion designer that specializes in wedding gowns and many known celebrities have already worn her collections. Jennifer Lopez wore one of her gown when she married Marc Anthony. Others are Uma Thurman, Sharon Stone ,Mariah Carey, Holly Hunter, and Karenna Gore. To get more of her and her collections join Vera at Vera Wang’s Fashion Night out on September 10, 2009, 6-11 pm at 991 Madison Square.

Aside from wedding gowns and bride’s maid’s dresses, I learned from that she has recently launched her On Weddings collection of personalized wedding invitations/stationeries. Her stationeries are modern and timeless and perfect for couples with exquisite taste of elegance.

If you remember the movie Bride Wars, actresses Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson where they played friends getting married at the same date. It was a wacky movie as the 2 friends try to sabotage each other’s weddings. Not a very good thing to do but hey it can happen to real world. Anne and Kate are both wearing Vera Wang’s marvelous gowns that you wish you can have on your wedding as well.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Don't Kill Your Feet!

Our feet is one of the most used part of our body as it holds our weight when we are walking. Experts say that wearing high heeled shoes or stiletto shoes everyday for a long period of time may actually harm your feet. For those that are used in wearing them, will not care as long as long as it looks good on their feet.

I once remember the news that I read years ago about a former London model you accidentally smashed and slammed her Alpha Romeo car on the innocent suspect (
lady riding a bike). The investigators believed that it's the driver's fault as she was found out to be also wearing a high heeled shoes while driving. Ahh poor victim, I just wish she had a term life insurance when she was knocked off by that careless driver.

Just remember, not all beautiful looking shoes are comfortable shoes.

Freebie: Win a Beach Bandals

Hiya guys, they say that there's no more free these days but hey, you can actually win this cute Beach Bandals when you enter a contest from All you need is to fill in some questions and for a FREE trial subscription to Seventeen and you are eligible to enter their contest. For more info check out!

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Havaianas Coupon Codes and more

Just one of my favorites when it comes to shopping is when I was able to get a bargain, sales or deals on items that I purchased. I'll be smiling from ear to ear when a got a discount especially at my favorite store. Coupons are also great to use, just imagine the discounts that we can get because of that. Those accumulated discounts can be used to buy other products.

Today I am sharing you Havaianas coupon codes that you can use for shopping. Here are some Havaianas flipflops that I love.

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There are other nice shoes that you can purchase at Payless store, add more savings by using their Payless Shoes coupons the next time you order.  I know serious bargain hunters and smart shoppers will love to score their next discounts. Happy shopping!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Learn How To Market Your Products

Every business owners would do anything to have their products or services click to their customers. A products or service will not be noticed without any form of advertisement. You can’t just sit there hoping that anyone would just step in and buy your products.

Have you noticed the big billboards when you are driving pass the streets, the more big it is the more it noticeable but sometimes it is getting in the driver’s view already. I sometimes hate commercials on TV but the show will not be successful enough if they have no sponsors. Anyway, my point is your products need to reach your targeted market. Your logo, brand names and even slogans will greatly help a lot.

If you are looking for a Marketing Company, then can be of great help to you. They have other services like SEO, web designs and marketing just to name a few. Most of the times this professional marketing company can do wonders for your business. You can go hand in hand in making your business successful as long as you believe in your product and you are passionate about it then you’ll go places. Contact them and I am sure they will answer all your queries and they’ll be more than willing to help you out.

SALE :Rootote Canvas Bags

I've been hearing this rootote bag from my friends and it looks like an ordinary everyday bag to me hehe. Anyway, since most malls or groceries are implementing no plastic,these tote bags are perfetc for your shopping. Avail of this Rootote Canvas Bags on sale at
This is eco-friendly so you are also doing your share to the environment by not using non-biodegradable plastic bags. 

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SALE:Nursery Crib Baby Beddings!

Buying things for the babies are always well thought of by moms most specially. Babies’ skins are so sensitive so parents should only buy products that will not harm their baby’s health and well being. Just say for example beddings for your cots or beds, you don’t want your babies to have irritation over the fabric used so only soft and baby friendly fabrics are a must!

Have a look at these baby bedding sets from They are only offering 100% high quality natural cotton materials used for all their baby beddings. Just choose among all the ohhhh so cute designs that they are selling over at their online store. Don’t forget to avail of their sale going on right now.

They have themed baby boy, baby girl and unisex baby bedding sets that comes in 12 pcs. set and the includes a quilt, bumper, fitted sheet, a skirt, window valances, toy organizer, pillow and even a diaper stacker plus they give a bonus bag. See sample below and it only costs $59.98 for a complete set.

I know every parent will be delighted to have their nursery room ready and put these baby beddings already. All their products are guaranteed non-allergenic and free of harsh chemicals. Check them out now!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Let Your Brand Be Heard

How can a customer know your product if you have no brand name? It is the face of your product and the name that will carry you through. Thinking of a brand name is pretty hard already but thinking of a brand name that will catch customer’s attention is another thing. Customer’s have a great memory that when they saw a logo they can immediately associate it with the brand name and the product that they are selling.

Creating a business needs a careful planning, the product that you are selling, the brand name and even the tag line matters and the marketing strategies that you need to implement before you can launch it your customers. Sometimes thinking all by yourself is not sufficient bec. you also need someone that can contradict or share ideas to you fro the betterment of your company.

It may also seem helpful to seek the help of the professionals like a branding agency that can help you with your branding worries. Brand Identity Guru Inc. (BIG) not only helps is branding strategy but also with marketing strategy, SEO, Web Design, Graphic and Logo Design. Should you be needing their services they are just a click away.

For All Your Moving Needs

Have we all heard that moving from one house, office or any place is so tiring? I must say that is so true especially if you only have yourself to do that task. Yay, packing items carefully and putting in boxes and making sure some items go together so that they will not be mixed up is already tough work but how much more the unpacking again. Some household owners can only take a deep breath so that they can finish them off and I know someone who have moved to their new house and it’s already a month where there are still unopened boxes.

Moving is another thing, you can’t finish moving in a quick time if you only use your small car or van to do that. Plus you need some people to help you out with that. Another hard work right? What about seeking the help of professionals like that of Boston Movign co. to do that task for you. You need not worry because they have professional crew that will take care of all of your belongings. You already have stress deciding to move but take the stress off when moving. Humboldt offers residential, corporate and even international moving services. So if you are in need of a moving company then you need to check them out. There’s even an onsite estimate

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Personalized Photo Halloween Invites

Plan your Halloween and send out Halloween invitations to your guests early this year so they will have time to think about what costume they will use fro your party. In the meantime you can order your Halloween Party Invitations at As you can see while browsing their catalog, you’ll find myriad of Invitations Halloween designs that you can easily order over at Holiday-Invitations.
Invitations Halloween

They also offer multiple changes on your Halloween Invitation without additional cost plus adding a photo or a logo will enhance your invites just like the sample above. You can also easily preview your invites and can be ship for free. Check them out today.

SALE: Cole Haan Handbags!!!

Oh my goodness.. it's a SALE! Cole Haan Handbags SALE!!! I would love to have one of these nice leather bags. With the looks of it is so durable and of high quality

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I so love this bag Genevieve Small Triangle Tote bag..where the price is slashed from
$395.00 to $189.95  Signature shape: small triangle tote in our exclusive optical weave, eye-catching and iconic in smooth artisan leather

# Custom antique brass hardware
# 8 1/2" adjustable shoulder straps
# Logo jacquard lining
# Dog clip closure
# Interior zip, cell and PDA pockets
# 15" L X 9" H X 6" D

Designer Bracelets Jewelries at Ross-Simons

Hey there shopaholics, particularly jewelry fanatics, I know you’d been meaning to buy yourself a new jewelry lately but is just waiting for the right time to find a perfect piece. How many times have you found yourselves staring at the glass shelves at the mall gazing at those dangling earrings or a dazzling bracelet that you thought would be wonderful to wear on your next party or so? You also wish that you can just grab them, swipe your credit card and have it home.

I found a lot of designer bracelets jewelry at Ross-Simons whilst looking for a great find online. I checked out their products catalog and I was impressed with the wide range of bracelets. There are far more than a gold bracelet because varieties also includes pearls, diamonds, bangles, gems, estate and cuff bracelets just to name a few. You can narrow your search for your perfect jewelry by using their easy to use sidebar links such as by category, price, stones or brands. You have every reason to stayed glued browsing all the styles for it is sometimes hard to decide which one you’ll get if you see lots of good and stylish ones.

I went over and found a lot of great pieces but these are my faves.
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer of Savings SALE at Neiman Marcus

Ahhh I wish I can get hold of any Neiman Marcus stuff. Whilst browisng for something to share here found this Summer of Savings SALE at Neiman Marcus and thought of buzzing it here since I know a lot of you love shopping. There are many different designer clothes, shoes etc that is on sale and I saw a Tory Burch Alice Canvas Wedge Originally priced at: $295.00 is now on sale at $ 133.00.

Find more great deals at

Leighton Meester's Floral Dress

Summer is here and what a chic and fun way to wear floral like what Leighton Meester is wearing here, floral dress by Alexa Chung. You can find similar dress Nordstrom for only $98 what a great steal.

Monday, August 3, 2009

SALE: Jimmy Choo Shoes

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Hey there shopaholics! I know you shoe fanatics are itching to have one of those JIMMY CHOO SHOES and what I perfect timing because you there is a shoe sale ongoing at his online store. Just take a look at this Smooth-ONLY ON SALE IN BLACK Silk satin sandal It was originally priced at  $490.00 and now it's only $245.00. What are waiting for there are more JIMMY CHOO shoes on sale. Now is the time to have one of this.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Car Guards, Accessories and more

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Our vehicle is precious to us so we need to take care of it and maintain it as much as we can so that it will perform to the max for many years. If you are looking for bull bars, grille guards that can give protection to your vehicles then you can find them online. They have different kind of guards for almost all car brands. They also offer good discount if you will buy by bulk.