Sunday, October 25, 2009

Remembering Sweet Farrah

Pink Angel

This set at Polyvore caught my attention as it is made in memory of Farrah Fawcett. This sweet pink shade reminds me of the color I used to love when I was a teen and early 20's. Such a delicate one. Take a look at that Chanel bag trying to invite me to go at the online store to buy it, that is if I can afford it hehe. Anyway, just sharing you this fabulous set I came across and now I'm of in researching fuse holders that we can buy in bulk. More styles and fashion soon.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Farm Life Style/Fashion

the farm life!

Visiting the farm

Even if you are living in a farm feeding your cows with cattle supplies and riding your horse for a ride or two, there’s no excuse for not being stylish. Just take a look at this farm style that I found at Polyvore and I do think that you will dig this kind of attire even at the end of the day you’ll look dirty hehe. Just go ahead and experiment.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SALE: Pre-School Furniture

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If you are looking for school furniture then go straight ahead at Hertz Furniture online for they have myriad of preschool furniture that you can avail of.  From chair, tables, lockers, educational book stand and more they are offering. Take advantage of the great sale that they are having as well. The kids will surely be delighted to see their classroom neat and places where they can play and put their stuff. 

Versatile Fabric Wall Panel/ Bulletin Boards

In the past-paced world of business where every thing seems so precise and formal, one of the things that you can do to jazz up any conference room, hall area or even the waiting room for clients or visitors is to put a decorative yet functional fabric wall décor panels. You only not got their attention but it serves with a purpose where you can put notes, signs, memos and important annotations for them to see.

Finding a local supplier can be a little tricky but here you can order your fabric wall panel at North Sculpture Company founded in NY but have several offices across the US. They will custom built it for you according to your specifications and liking, just choose among the available colors that they are offering. What makes this wall panels and bulletin boards useful is that you can use push pins or Velcro in it where you can safely put your items on the walls. This is perfect for your work area, schools, offices and just about everywhere where you need to organize your stuff.

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These fabric wall panels can also be used during business meetings, trade show exhibits, at a classroom, usefulness are seems so endless. For more info and contact pages, you can visit

Four Seasons Fair at Forbes Town Center (Bonifacio Global City) October 21 to December 24, 2009

Hey they shoppers here's another Shopping Fair from Four Seasons. Four Seasons Fair at Forbes Town Center (Bonifacio Global City) October 21 to December 24, 2009
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"At Four Seasons Fair at Forbes Town Center, we want to offer shoppers something fresh and exciting with each fair that they visit. We’d like to take every effort to bring the best, quality products to Forbes Town Center. The vendors they will discover have all been hand-picked and with right mix of products to give them a fantastic feel of retail therapy…a pleasant shopping ambiance and fabulous quality of the items on sale." 

October 21 to October 25
November 4 to November 15
November 16 to November 27
November 28 to December 9
December 10 to December 24

Weekdays Monday – Thursday 10 AM to 8 PM
Weekends Friday – Sunday 10 AM to 10 PM

Forbes Town Center Showroom
26th Street corner Rizal Drive
Crescent Park West District
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

For more details visit:

Personalized Christmas Cards/ Recycled Christmas Cards

Wow Christmas is really fast approaching and I think after Halloween more people are geared up to make their Christmas list and go shopping for the most festive event we have each year. Why not? Christmas is the time for giving and sharing and time for family get together and festive activities. Everyone is cheery and full of joy.

Just one of the traditional things that we do each Christmas is to give Christmas cards to express our greetings to our family, friends or relatives. Make it more special by sending personalized christmas cards by ordering online at Veer away from the traditional Christmas cards that you buy at the bookstores because here you can put your own words and choose the designs .

You can also make your own photo Christmas card by uploading your photos and choosing their wide array of Christmas borders and designs. Aside from that they have 100% recycled Christmas cards made out of 100% recycled papers. Here is just one example.
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Orders are dispatched within 7 days and all orders within UK are all for free but they also ship on some countries with some fees. You better check their designs now and it’s never too early to order your Christmas cards now.  

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Online Shopping at Its Best

We have come to an era where technology has been a part of us everyday already. I guess most of us who are used to using the net everyday will find it a bit difficult or should I say will miss being online for days. There are people who can’t live without net for a lot of reasons as they may feel disconnected to the world. Business owners as will not opt to stay disconnect for they have business to take care of.

Have you notice the sudden influx of websites and online stores these days? Some of our favourite mall stores are now on the web for more sales with their online stores. Why not? For us who have limited time to go out and shop will find it convenient to go online shopping. Store owners must take into consideration that their stores must provide good service and will not be down all the time as their customers will not come back when that happens.

I once encounter an online store when you clicked a certain link to a product, there are errors or there’s a dead link on it. Web owners must always check problems on their sites aside from looking for the best asp web hosting company for their store. It’s also a good idea to put a live online help for their customers as problems are resolved asap.

Lindsay Lohan's Extended Probation

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Lindsay Lohan has been continuously in the limelight and scrutiny of her fans and detractors. Just recently I learned from the news that she was given another year of probation because of her drunken driven charges in 2007. Apparently, she has not completed her alcohol program due to her busy work schedule and was already warned by it.

Yay eventhough she is rich and famous, she has lots of problems on her face, and for sure she has those
dark eye circles already but she’s just concealing them with make up. I will not trade my status with her in any way.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Long Distance Movers

Moving is really a daunting and tiring task so why stress yourself when you can sought the help of experts who can do that job for you. These long distance movers
will not also deliver your belongings to your new house or place but they will ensure that they are intact and safe in their hands. They can even pack your stuff by their professional staff especially if you have really no time to do it.

Friday, October 9, 2009

The BPI Big Outlet Sale 2009 at MegaTent Ortigas

Hey there shopaholics, gear up and now is the time to start your Christmas shopping. There's a BIG SALE coming up this month and it's the The BPI Big Outlet Sale of 2009. It will be held at the The MegaTent, Meralco Ave, Ortigas on
*October 16 - 18, 2009
*10am - 9pm

See You there !!
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Alicia Keys Launches AK Worldwide Company

12-time Grammy winner and soulful singer Alicia Keys ventured into business lately and launches her AK Worldwide company and this time it is not about music. Oprah Winfrey is one of her inspirations and influence on this business move.

Her 1st project is the The Barber's Daughters, a handcrafted jewelry line like earring, necklaces, bracelets and more. These collections are engraved with messages of hope and wisdom.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Third-party Debt Collection Agency

At the onset of major economic unrest around the globe, lots of businesses small to medium and even big companies have been affected by it. Not to say that many companies have really closed and some are still struggling along this time. Unemployment rises, debt collection filing up and other heart breaking scenarios that we have not expected to arise bec. we thought all along that economy is booming and investors are coming in.

It’s a slow phase of recovery and sad to say that some companies have not gained their financial strength once again. Just one of the major issues that some banks, law firms and more are encountering is the due accounts by their clients. Although they also need to understand their client’s financial status, they can’t still set aside their debts on their companies.

Collection agencies help these companies in their debt collection thereby increasing their profits. American Profit Recovery is one of them and has helped industries including banking, medical, dental, lawn care and other industries with their professional debt collecting system. These professionals work in an organized, well-structured and customer-driven manner for their clients. Sure enough they will provide the ethical and professional approach in handling client’s cases and that makes them worth of a company.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Steal Lindsay Lohan Fashion/Style

Lindsay Lohan, one of the biggest Hollywood's stars and not to forget one of the most controversial celeb. Who will ever forget the times she had a car accident and being caught and pleaded guilty to dangerous drugs and driving under the influence (DUI). I guess she must been disarray at those time. Who knows she might be drinking and partying at a garage floor in their house, I can only speculate. But despite being controversial she is also known for her sense of style and fashion.In fact, she has a new work these days at a fashion company.

Anyway you can Steal Lindsay Lohan Fashion/Style