Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Versatile Fabric Wall Panel/ Bulletin Boards

In the past-paced world of business where every thing seems so precise and formal, one of the things that you can do to jazz up any conference room, hall area or even the waiting room for clients or visitors is to put a decorative yet functional fabric wall décor panels. You only not got their attention but it serves with a purpose where you can put notes, signs, memos and important annotations for them to see.

Finding a local supplier can be a little tricky but here you can order your fabric wall panel at North Sculpture Company founded in NY but have several offices across the US. They will custom built it for you according to your specifications and liking, just choose among the available colors that they are offering. What makes this wall panels and bulletin boards useful is that you can use push pins or Velcro in it where you can safely put your items on the walls. This is perfect for your work area, schools, offices and just about everywhere where you need to organize your stuff.

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These fabric wall panels can also be used during business meetings, trade show exhibits, at a classroom, usefulness are seems so endless. For more info and contact pages, you can visit

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