Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Shopping and all

Hooray, it's gonna be Christmas in 26 days and I can't help myself thinking about the forthcoming events this December. There'll be our high school reunion, our HK trip, and holiday trip by my sis here. For sure we'll be eating and eating once again. This is the time to splurge, eat and have merry and I don't think you'll ever remember your adipex diet pill if you have started munching all those food on the table. Just be sure to eat and drink in moderation, you don't want to end up with indigestion and intoxication hehe.

I hope you have started your Christmas shopping already because for sure in the coming days the malls will be jam-packed once again for crazy Christmas shoppers beating the deadline hehe. Enjoy your shopping and always look for the best deals in town.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Avoid the Christmas Rush or the Last Minute Shopping

Have you started your Christmas shopping already? I know most of you will find it strange to shop already but don't you know that buying early are not stressful plus you still have ample time to choose the bets gifts that you can give without cramming. Last minute shopping during Christmas rush often ends up in purchasing items that you don't want because the item that you wanted is already out of stock. Too bad. There'll also be long ques at the counter.

During the peak shopping season or the Christmas rush most of the shoppers will tend to buy just anything just for the sake of having a gift. Oh BTW, don't forget to check on your receipts that came out of the receipt printer because I have one experience where the cashier punched a different item that is not included in my purchase.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Super Sale: Hudson Jeans at Bluefly

I dunno about you but I love wearing jeans especially those skinny jeans and straight cut ones as it makes me look a bit taller and more slim. If you are looking for some jeans there's a super sale: of Hudson jeans at Bluefly. Take note of the discounts that they are giving, it's 40-65% off and that is a lot. Choose among the different style of jeans, from skinny, boot cut, flare and more to suit your body types.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hot Deals on Netbooks!

If you are looking for small, lightweight and durable mobile pc, then netbooks is the way to go. Here are some hot deals on netbooks at TheSource. Prices ranges from $299.99 and up plus you can choose among branded ones like Acer, Asus, HP, Gateway and more. These netbooks are perfect for people on the go bec. it is easy to carry around anywhere you go. Simply computing needs but a lot of functionality.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stock Clearance on Bathroom Suites

Just one of the most used places in our house is our bathrooms and like many of you we all like it to be built with style and comfort for us to use. If you are planning to renovate your bathroom or just starting to build a new one then it’s always best to look around for designs that are “in” these days. There are practically hundreds of things that we can put in our bathrooms and if money is not a problem then everyone should go pick for a durable one. is offering one of the largest bathroom products online. With over 3,000 products now that are available there’s no doubt that you’ll find what you are looking for. As you can see while browsing through their product categories, you can find wide array of nice bathroom accessories like toilet bowls, shower enclosures, bidets, taps, and whole lot more.

What’s more exciting is that there’s an ongoing CLEARANCE SALE on their bathroom suites plus their customers can get extra 20% off on tiles when you purchase one of their bathroom suites and that is a great deal! The savings that you can get from this sale can be used for your other home projects.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Great Deals on Panama City Beach Accomodations

Hey all, if you are heading to Panama City, FL, I know you can't resist going to their famous Panama City beach. One of the best thing when it comes to travel these days is that you can easily book without going our of your house because you can do it online already. Here are some great Panaman City Beach at panama city fl accommodations that you can take a look.

How many times have we booked our hotels just by clicking and searching on the internet. It's just so convenient and you can even found some fab and chic deals and discounts.

Monday, November 9, 2009

SALE: Grohe Faucets

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Just one of the things that we need to check in our house from time to time is our leaking faucets. We don't want to waste our precious water by just letting the water drip and go down the drain. The droplets can also ruin our sinks as they can leave calcium residues. For a more durable faucets you can take a look at these Grohe faucets that are actually on sale at They have an ongoing 40% sale off their Grohe products that you might want to check out.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Christmas Gift Ideas: NFL Uniform Sets

Christmas is really just around the corner and I can already feel the cold air and the Christmas spirit everytime I go to the malls. Are you getting ready for this festive season of giving and sharing? It’s our family tradition to exchange gifts and during Christmas day before dinner we’ll give each other our gifts and open them excitedly.

There are lots Christmas gifts ideas that you can take note of. Just think about the person’s personality and that is where you can get inspiration on what type of gift you need to give. If she/he is a bookworm they of course books or related to that will be perfect while music lovers will definitely love to get gadgets, CDs and more. For women you can give a bag that she’s been eyeing for years, a perfume perhaps or a gift certificate to her favourite salon.

For the kids, we all know that some of them love cartoons, so take heed of their fave character and buy a toy or clothing with the character on it and for sure you’ll receive hugs and kisses from them. For young boys or teens, these days they are engrossed on playing games on the computer so for sure they’ll appreciate DVD games, psp games and more.

While not a lot of teens just play games on the net, there are those that love sports. Some already love NFL and would even dream of becoming an NFL athletes some day. This is your chance to tickle their fancy, give them NFL uniform sets of their favourite team. Where to get them? NFL merchandise is available at

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This uniform set costs $39.99, the set includes, jersey, pants, padding, helmet with of course their company’s logo.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pamper Your Nails With Nail Polish and more

Just one of the perfect accessories if I may call it to any woman’s total look is having a nice nail polish. Yes you can don your branded bag, shoes and clothing but it will only be messed up if you have dirty nails to go along with that. I definitely would hate myself sporting such so once in a while if I can, a manicure and a pedicure at the salon is a perfect treat for my nails. Not forgetting also the constant applying of lotion or moisturizers to it especially that cold season is here now.

A little treat to our overly used hands and feet are wonderful. I have seen some women with long but well maintained one. Everyone can opt to choose short or long nails as long as it is clean. There are moments when you have no time to go to the salon to have our manicure so you can always do it yourself at home. I prefer mine short but sometimes when I feel a bit funky I grow them long and dash them with red hot polish hehe.

There are many nice nail polishes in the market today some of which are glittery, neon, the classics and more. If you are looking for high quality nail polish then take heed to these gorgeous glossy shades from, perfect esp. the holidays are coming. Their polishes are known to be chip resistant and easy to dry. Now you can do your nails quickly.
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Aside from that take a look at this  Nails inc luxury collection. The set already includes nail polishes, base coat, buff, hand and foot cream and more. This is even perfect as a gift for your girlfriends. You can check them out today for your nail product needs.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Diamond Education

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We all know that diamonds are forever and women’s best friend. It’s also a piece of jewelry worth investing in because as time goes by it never goes out of style. Just be sure that you always purchase diamonds if you want the real one. You’ll find this site helpful in your purchase as it has very useful information about diamonds.

Always take note of the 4 Cs, clear, clarity, cut and carat when purchasing your diamonds.

Walk in Paris Hilton's Shoes

Walk in Paris Hilton's Shoes
There's no doubt that Paris Hilton is so fashionable and always talk of the town. She's also have always been seen parties and all. With all the things she's been doing does she ever get enough sleep at all or does she needs sleep pills to do that?

Anyway, this set that I found at Polyvore includes one of Paris Hilton's shoes and aren't you loving it? Fettish shoe lovers for sure will love to have her shoes and take a look at the shirt with her face in it.