Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shopping is not Everything

Aside from shopping for bags, shoes, watches and more that we women do and put in our priority list most of the time, let us not also forget about health and other more important things in life. Beauty and material things can fade and can be lost in time but health is what we really need to address.

After learning of my cousin’s health lately it lead me to think that no matter how many money you have and how advance the science is on your place or even if you get life insurance rates, if you are really bound to get sick with cancer then you have no choice but to accept it. Life can be really cruel and unfair sometimes and we have no other options to make. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NordicTrack Coupon Codes

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stress and Hair Loss are Related

We all know that hair loss can be attributed with genetics but studies says that stress and hair loss are related to each other as well. Too much exposure to emotional and of physical stress can actually make our hair fall that usual.

Aside from that too much styling (coloring, brushing)of the hair, etc., sickness and other factors of the hair can also cause hair loss. Good thing, there are some creams or formulations can now help in preventing hair loss.

Pink Therapy

Arrgggg, woke up with back pains and I guess it's because of bad posture again last night. It's still aching and I don't think I need some meds for i, I'm glad I also don't need treatment for hemorrhoids, yay or else it's gonna be more painful I suppose. Anyway, pain can easily slip in my mind when I browse for shopping items, must be a good therapy for me. Here's what my eyes set on : Pink calypso dress

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hooked on Coach Bags

After searching for a much needed colon cleansing pills, my eyes are glued to window shopping once again. Don't blame me because the net is full of yummy goodies that is perfect for my eyes. I'll be feasting once again tonight, not with food but with bags partcularly COACH bags or Fossil. Been hooked to it lately and I can't wait for my ordered Coach bags to arrive in no time.

I have some few Coach faves, and if I have lots of money, I sure will I can buy Coach leather bags.

1. Coach Zoe
2. Coach Carly
3. Coach Lily
4. Coach Ali
5. Coach Soho
6. Coach East west pleated tote
7. Coach Kira
8. Coach Sabrina
9. Coach Legacy list is getting longer and longer 

6 Steps to Staying Young and Wrinkle Reduction

Here are the 6 Steps to Staying Young and Wrinkle Reduction.
1. Wear Sunscreen
2. Use UV sunglasses when in the sun.
3. Don’t sun bathe!
4. Take daily anti-oxidant supplements.
5. Take anti-aging-friendly supplements.
6. Use a good  eye cream anti-aging face cream.

The sun is getting hot each day and like many experts say that too much exposure is really harmful to our skin and can also cause skin cancer. We can always opt to put
eye wrinkle cream near your eyes if you are already worrying about your wrinkles. I guess if we follow these simple steps we are on our way to a beautiful skin. Hmmm I better heed this instructions then.

Steal Kim Kardashian's Fashion / Style

Kim Kardashian Debuts Her New Fragrance
I really find Kim Kardashian very fashionable and oozing with sex appeal. I can consider her very sexy eventhough she is not that skinny and elegant. Not sure if she's reading best fat burning supplement for her diet routine. Her sister Khloe has also trimmed 20lbs on her weight and sexy these days. How'd I wish I have the same body as theirs.
Anyway, you can steal Steal Kim Kardashian's Fashion / Style that I found in Polyvore.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pretty Prada Spring 2010 Tote

I can't take my eyes off this Prada Spring 2010 Tote being sold at Neiman Marcus. It is made out of natural straw accentuated with leather trimmings. Natural straw with tan/white leather trim.I'm a bag lover so every bag that I saw makes me want to shop. I wonder if they have an franchise affiliate program at Prada.

Bag details:

Contrast topstitching.
Golden hardware.
Adjustable top handles with rings.
Detachable shoulder strap.
Fringed top.
Hanging rosette detail.
Signature jacquard lining and inside zip pocket.
11"H x 12 1/2"W x 7 2/5"D.
Made in Italy
Sold for $1,295 

Friday, February 5, 2010

Asia Animax/ ANX Asia

I love reality TV shows as it makes my adrenalin pumpin’ and makes me sit at the edge of my chair watching all those exciting games and tasks that each contestants are doing. Nothing can beat the real action and drama that unfolds in every episode. I’ve always been hooked to Amazing Race, Survivor and Fear Factor and fortunately they even made a local version of it here in our country. Such a pleasure to watch each contestant though I still prefer the original ones.
I have another good reason to stop at Asia Animax online because I can watch  Wipeout, a fear-factor inspired show. It’s my 1st time to see it so for sure’ll be I'll be hooked watching all the episodes at AXN Asia.

For those that love anime, they can also watch Anime at  Animax Anime. Not only teens are getting ga-ga over it but adults as well. There are tons of Anime there and one is Gurren.  Asia Animax is a place for Animax TV, videos, games, news shows and more..

Of Computers and Stuff

Ok i’m getting a headache once again and it’s due to some of our net café computers breaking down almost simultaneously. It’s only been 3 years since we purchased it assembled and they are showing signs of abused by customers of course. Most of the times I found myself trouble shooting, deleting some downloaded files and programs as well as reformatting the computers when it is already badly hit by a virus or if it is really slow.

Thank goodness I learned how to reformat a computer and that saved me extra bucks and that I don’t need to call my technician once again. There are times that I can’t find the trouble anymore that is that time that I call for professional help already. My trusted technician have been telling me some pointers on how to maintain my computers and have been mentioning some terms like disaster recovery software but I don’t know much about it. I just told him that I will send or will call him once I can’t handle the trouble anymore.

I'm A Sensible Shopper

That's what I think I am bec. I still have self-control over shopping I do enjoy the odd scout round the stores and have been known to get those cash registers ringing in your time, I can steer clear of frivolous, unnecessary purchases and don’t have to go cold turkey if you’re away from the shops a while.

Oh yeah I can say I'm not a shopaholic yet bec. I can still control my expenses, i just cover my eyes when I saw a blouse or bag that I really want when I don't have a money.What about you?

Health Tests

I was watching (somewhat) a late night show last night while doing stuff on my laptop and they where talking about AIDS, STD and other diseases that can be transferred through sexual contact. I was a bit shock to learn that some people are not aware of the diseases that they can get that is why they are still into the prostitution industry. That is very sad to know and with lack of knowledge they are not very highly susceptible to these diseases most especially the fatal AIDS with no cure up to now.

I guess they should realize that they are in danger in terms of their health and that there are tests available for them like AIDS or even chlamydia tests. They need to ask their local health centers but for sure they are so ashamed to do that but they need to do it asap or they should stop their unprotected multiple sexual partners behaviour that they have.

Beauty That Radiates

I was flippin’ the pages of a glossy women’s magazine one boring and hot afternoon in my shop and I can’t help but to admire all the models and the celebrities that I am seeing. Wow, they all look so flawless and divine that whoever will look at them will be enticed to use the product or buy the clothes that they are endorsing. I know clearly that they are really made flawless, thanks to photoshop and thick make-up lol. I always remember what Oprah has said one time Ii her show that not all you see in the magazine are real for they are actually enhanced with makeup and effects.

Anyway, there’s no doubt that many celebrities and other people undergo surgery to get the body that they want. Be it a rhinoplasty, breast implant or other cosmetic procedures some will go for it. Why not? If you have the money and if that will make you feel better and if that will boost your confidence then just look for the best Chicago cosmetic surgery specialist that you can get. Be confident and beauty will radiate within you.