Friday, February 5, 2010

Asia Animax/ ANX Asia

I love reality TV shows as it makes my adrenalin pumpin’ and makes me sit at the edge of my chair watching all those exciting games and tasks that each contestants are doing. Nothing can beat the real action and drama that unfolds in every episode. I’ve always been hooked to Amazing Race, Survivor and Fear Factor and fortunately they even made a local version of it here in our country. Such a pleasure to watch each contestant though I still prefer the original ones.
I have another good reason to stop at Asia Animax online because I can watch  Wipeout, a fear-factor inspired show. It’s my 1st time to see it so for sure’ll be I'll be hooked watching all the episodes at AXN Asia.

For those that love anime, they can also watch Anime at  Animax Anime. Not only teens are getting ga-ga over it but adults as well. There are tons of Anime there and one is Gurren.  Asia Animax is a place for Animax TV, videos, games, news shows and more..

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