Monday, February 15, 2010

Hooked on Coach Bags

After searching for a much needed colon cleansing pills, my eyes are glued to window shopping once again. Don't blame me because the net is full of yummy goodies that is perfect for my eyes. I'll be feasting once again tonight, not with food but with bags partcularly COACH bags or Fossil. Been hooked to it lately and I can't wait for my ordered Coach bags to arrive in no time.

I have some few Coach faves, and if I have lots of money, I sure will I can buy Coach leather bags.

1. Coach Zoe
2. Coach Carly
3. Coach Lily
4. Coach Ali
5. Coach Soho
6. Coach East west pleated tote
7. Coach Kira
8. Coach Sabrina
9. Coach Legacy list is getting longer and longer 

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