Monday, March 29, 2010

Coach Kerrie Flip Flop/Sandal has Arrived

Before I even begin perusing the life insurance quote that my SIL handed me the other night, I decided to browse my fave COACH shop and look what I found: Coach Kerrie Flip Flop/Sandal has arrived and it's making me gaga over them.

Summer is here and time to hit the beach and this is perfect to ramp and show off. It is being sold for $48 and I just hope that the quality is as good as the other name brand flipflops that I'm also using but knowing the quality of Coach bags, I'm pretty sure they are worth buying as well.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Using Coupon Codes is the Way to Go Shopping

Everybody loves shopping but women will always be in authority when it comes to that. I personally love to shop and hunt for some bargains hence you can see on my blog posts here on my chic and fab finds blog. Every shopper will be delighted when they purchase something that they love most especially if they got it with a discount, which makes the purchase more worth it.

Have you found yourself cutting out discount coupons on your magazines or scouring for the hottest coupon codes? Right now, I’m planning to buy a new watch and since I love DKNY, Guess and Fossil brands those are the ones that I will be looking for. Fortunately, I found a Fossil coupon codes at coupon trunk and I’ll try if I can purchase one soon. If you coupon codes head over at coupon trunk for tons of codes.

Coach Wedge Sandals

I've always wanted a wedge sandals as it always makes me a little tall but what I don't like it is that I can't wear them when I go on shopping bec. it'll only make my feet hurts. What I do is that I always just choose to wear flats so I can comfortably stroll in the mall.

Anyway, COACH has lots of wedge sandals on their store and if you like wedges you must need to check it out at

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pin-Thin and Skinny Models Still Rules

Wow, I read on an article on one of the fashion sites that pin-thin and skinny models still rules the runway and we should not expect the fashion industry to change their rules over that. I personally don't like seeing too skinny models, they look like a skeleton already as if they are always taking phentermine diet pills just to be a size zero (o). They look so unhealthy and very unrealistic.

I read that fashion shows are really a fantasy and heavier or models with curves or those just even in size 4 will not be used mostly by fashion designers. There have been suggestions and talks about this too skinny models but like what I read it will not change anytime soon. Oh well, we'll just have to bear seeing those skeleton like models modeling dresses on the runway. Oh dear, take a look at these models. Are they still eating??

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring/Summer 2010 collection bags from Guess

Here are just some of the Spring/Summer 2010 collection bags from Guess. This summer bag has woven sea-grass exterior with python and Quatro G logo jacquard trim with metal trim available at

Bag lovers for sure will be thrilled to see these collection and I can hear the sound of
barcode scanner while you are making your purchase. I personally like the tulip tote as it looks so versatile, Can be worn while shopping or when you're at the beach.
Guess Tulip Tote

Guess Exotica bag $98

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Summery/ Beachy Outfits

beachy stella mccartney
Get your towels ready it's about to go down

Ahhhh.. summer perfect time to wear shorts, skirts, spaghetti straps, tube blouses wherein you can show some skin. Just make sure you have glowing skin so you'll be more confident to show. I found these sets on Polyvore and and I specifically love those espadrilles.

Just a reminder, don't wear shoes/sandals that are too high. Give your feet some rest because it can contribute to feet or joint pains. I know you don't want to end up finding a
joint pain relief just in case your joints are acting up.

Sailor's Girl

Friday, March 19, 2010

FREEWAY Summer 2010 Collection : The Beads Series

Summer is getting hotter and I know you are thinking where to go this Holy Week and on the entire summer season. Beach and pool resorts will always be popular and don't go without bringing your swimwears, sun protection, sun block and all. The scorching heat of the sun can damage your skin so keep those hats and sunblocks handy.

If you are already sick and tired of reading atro phex reviews just to be thin and "in" this summer, well don't worry as long as you have the confidence to wear your swimwear, all your flaws will  be covered by that. After all, we are all not born with good body.

You can purchase any of FREEWAY Summer 2010 Collection : The Beads Series, see stles at their site

SALE: Forever 21

Who doesn't like Forever 21, they have the hippiest adn trendiest clothes for sale at a very affordable price. What are you going to do when I told you that they are having another SALE at from tops, blouses, jeans, outerwear, bottoms and footwear.. Grab this chance now.

Here's my pick:

Slanted Knit Top
Was: $17.80
Now: $14.24

Grand Canyon Knit Top
Was: $13.80
Now: $6.99

Victoria's Secret Swim SALE and specials

Summer is here! Make it even hotter by grabbing some of these swim suits. Take note of the Victoria's Secret Swim SALE and specials on going right now at their online store and save on your swimwear.

Show off your body beautiful and let everyone admire you shapely and curvy bods. If you still have fats that you want to get rid, there's still time to have a quick weight loss so by the time you hit the beach or pool you are more confident than ever.

Sephora Got Some Juicy Make up and Accessories SALE

Head over at and avail of the SALE that they are having right now. Here are just of of make ups  and accessories on sale. Ahh my sister who love make up will surely die to have some of these. 

SEPHORA PURE Natural Believer Palette - Island Sunset Edition

Thursday, March 18, 2010

10 Hottest Jennifer Aniston Bikini Photos from Pop Sugar

Woot ! Woot! Jen is just so hot in these bikini photos that I saw while browsing's post about the 10 Hottest Jennifer Aniston Bikini Photos. With the shapely curves that she has people are wondering if she's taking some weight loss pills or she's only dieting and going to the gym. But seeing Jen, I don;t think I ever saw her plump, maybe her physique is really like that. She is really blessed for sure.

Anyway, she surely has curves but just lack a little bit of boobs there hehe. These photos are taken while she's on vacay with her friends in Cabo, Mexico. More photos can be seen at pop sugar, just click on the image above.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Disney Vacation Packages

Ahhhh... Everytime I remember our HK Disney adventure with my whole family last Christmas, thoughts of Minnie/Mickey Mouse and other characters, fun rides, food, Disney souvenirs, bonding times with my family never ceases in my mind. If given the chance I would love to come back there once again to feel the magical moments inside Disney.

Disney vacations are almost always top on every family's vacation list. I suggest you scour for great deals online for there are many, you just need to find them. Packages starts from $99. Plan your trip as early as possible and book on time. In the future a vacation in Orlando would be a dream come through.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Steal Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's Style/Fashion

I will always be your SISTER:x

These twins even when they were as a child have been already a fashionista at their own right. Their sense of style and fashion right now is know to the fashion industry as as "ashcan" or "Boho-chic" or bohemian-bourgeois. Some love it some don;t for soemtimes they are out of this world. They have been also entrepreneur putting their eggs on fashion, books, commercials and who knows they might venture into spray disinfectant?? Hmmm I'll be thrilled to know that hehe.

Anyway, if you want to look like them you can Steal Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's Style/Fashion by buying some of the items shown at these polyvore sets.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Health Savings Account

After being sick for a day last week, it came to a point that I said to myself that I really need to tighten my belt a little bit more and not splurge so much on shopping if I can. I 'm not getting younger and a health savings account would be perfect just in case my health breaks down anytime soon. I know nothing is better than being prepared for emergencies and unforeseen events and expenses. I'm also leaning towards getting a health insurance for myself which I need to do in the near future. 

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Arts & Entertainment Jobs

The economy worldwide is slowly picking up as it seems and those that currently jobless will soon land a new job. More investors are investing and creating more jobs to employees and that is a good sign. If you are in the arts and entertainment filed you'll find this Entertainment workers job search very helpful in your job search. You just need to be patient when you are lookign for job and make sure you are qualified and update your skills so that you'll not be left behind. 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Upcoming 2011 Ford Mustang

I guess most of us wanted to own a vehicle either for our own personal use or for our family. It’s always comfortable to travel if you have your own most especially if you have kids in tow. Just imagine the inconvenience when you travel in public transport, going on and off the bus or the train just to get to the destination you want.

Purchasing a vehicle can be an exciting one, scouring and looking for that vehicle can’t be an easy thing. You need to know what will best suit your driving needs, ask yourself if you need a car, a van or a truck then decide which car brand will you look into.

Ford has been popular all these years, having offered models like Ford Expedition, Ford Explorer, Ford Fiesta, Ford Mustang and lots more. Car lovers will definitely have lots of choices over at Ford’s vehicles. For us we have been considering Ford Expedition for a while now since my bro showed it to us at a car expo but our budget can’t seem to match it hehe.

Anyway, I guess you all have to check out the latest model of Ford mustang. It’s the 2011 Ford Mustang which I read is on high demand right now and Ford already had 11,000 unit orders. 2011 Ford Mustang has a V-6 engine that reviews are raving about its premium technology and fuel efficiency that car lovers want.