Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pin-Thin and Skinny Models Still Rules

Wow, I read on an article on one of the fashion sites that pin-thin and skinny models still rules the runway and we should not expect the fashion industry to change their rules over that. I personally don't like seeing too skinny models, they look like a skeleton already as if they are always taking phentermine diet pills just to be a size zero (o). They look so unhealthy and very unrealistic.

I read that fashion shows are really a fantasy and heavier or models with curves or those just even in size 4 will not be used mostly by fashion designers. There have been suggestions and talks about this too skinny models but like what I read it will not change anytime soon. Oh well, we'll just have to bear seeing those skeleton like models modeling dresses on the runway. Oh dear, take a look at these models. Are they still eating??

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