Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Good Finds at the OPRAH STORE Online

I guess most of you have been following Oprah through the years just like me and we all liked her because she's a good host who tackles a wide range of topics on her show. She also has this certain charisma where her guests can freely share their emotions or thoughts without hesitation while we viewers are hooked watching. Episodes vary from light to heavy topics and I'm saddened that she's no longer continuing to do the show.

Anyway, we also know that Oprah is kind-hearted and has a soft heart for those in need. Aside from these qualities, she's also an entrepreneur who opened her own store, THE OPRAH STORE, which was a dream come true.
To quote her:
"For twenty years, I've been saying, we need to be able to give people a place where they can get a key chain, a T-shirt or a mug, or something. This store was designed for key chains."
-Oprah Winfrey
Her store is located in Chicago and her fans can purchase many items that represent her character, style and things she loves. Not all of her fans can go to her Chicago store and fortunately there's an online store where her fans can get a hold of her merchandise from wherever they are in the US and Canada.

You can browse through her merchandise and find lots of items like:
. Accessories /Souvenirs
. Women's Clothing, that includes yoga clothes
. Men's Clothing
- African Crafts
. O baby
. Pets
. Home Décor
If you love fleece clothing, then check out quality pants and fleece sweatshirts in several colors (actually they are on sale right now!) and several sizes from S- 3X.

Just remember every time you buy Angel Network apparel, 100% of the sale will go to Oprah's Angel Network. All of the items in her store like cashmere, mugs, key chains, make up kits and more are personally approved by Oprah.

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